This week see’s the release of Summer Hollywood Blockbuster with a very British hero (well British actor), a very British drama and an American romantic comedy. So it’s a VERY British take-over of our cinematic screens (well kind of), Somehow I already know which will be the winner out of these three but here’s your weekly round-up anyway.

Man of Steel

From the makers of 300 and the Dark Knight Series, Man of Steel is the new and “improved” version on this age old classic, Superman. As a young boy, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) discovers he has amazing powers and he is not of this Earth. As a young man, he embarks on a journey to find himself and why he was sent to earth. Will he embrace the hero within himself to serve humanity and save the world from impending doom?

Whether you see Man of Steel either in 2 or 3D, you can guarantee that this revamped version is going to be a gritty, darker version of the old comic classic many of us have grown to love over the years. Will this Man of Steel be your saviour?

Summer in February

Based on a true story and adapted from an acclaimed novel, Summer In February is a British film, based in 1913 as Britain was on the brink of the 1st World War. Set on the beautiful Cornish coast of England, renowned painter, Alfred Munnings (Dominic Cooper – My Week With Marilyn) and his good friend, Gilbert (Dan Stevens – Downton Abbey) are enjoying an untroubled life, until that is, Florence (Emily Browning – Sleeping Beauty) joins the group of friends and the 3 find themselves caught up in a troubled love triangle.

If your fan of a period drama and that of recent history this could just be the film for you, otherwise this could just prove to be just a bit of a bore fest, even with the impressive cast of Cooper, Stevens and Browning. This film has chick flick written all over it.


Portia Nathan (Tina Fey – 30 Rock) is a well-to-do University admissions officer; she’s up for a big promotion but decides to take a risk when she meets a school kid who is on his way to college, this boy isn’t just a normal kid he could very well be the child she secretly gave up for adoption many years ago and throw in somewhere in the plot a bit of a romance with her former college classmate John Pressman (Paul Rudd).

Admission is another one of those films which class itself as a romantic comedy, to be brutally honest the Americans haven’t produced a decent romantic comedy in years, you can be the judge of that but quite frankly, between you and me, I wouldn’t waste your money.


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