Introducing Angha, a new musical R&B trio set to take London urban music scene by storm this year. Their new single ‘For You,’ out 31st May, showcases three young friends from Islington, who convened over 5 years ago. They write, produce, sing, rap and altogether form a unique and talented group who distinctly combine Hip-hop, R&B and Pop music. They already have an increasing fan base and support from 1Xtra, Kiss, Choice FM and MTV Base, and have reached number 19 on the Music Weeks Urban Club Chart. Flavour caught up with the three musicians to talk about their debut album which is out the end of the year, female fans, and future aspirations.

‘For you’ is a wonderful video with an inspiring moral to the storyline and happy ending. Do any of you have that someone special in your lives?
Play: Speaking for myself I’m currently single and enjoying life, but the song and lyrics does relate to previous experiences.

Which famous R&B trio would you like to do as well as?
Play: In all honesty I’ll be happy enough with just doing well and getting a great fan base that loves and appreciates what we do. However if I had to name a R&B trio that stuck out to me, I’d say H Town I think they made some timeless R&B Classics.

The name Angha derives from a mythical flying creature, which is said to express itself by spreading good will and kindness. A concept, which Play says can describe their music as a whole. How did you agree on the name, were there any other names for the group planned?
DVD: It was something we came across after weeks of searching for a name that would hopefully represent us for possibly the next 10-20 years. When we found the name it just fitted, it was us straight away, sometimes you get a feeling and they say you should go with your gut instinct.

How do you aim to stand out from various other UK R&B artists and US influences that are huge hits here too?
DVD: We feel we’re just as good as the people putting hits out here, but the masses just don’t know it yet. As individuals our personalities combine so well that it’s like a supergroup. When we perform our aim is to leave any potential fans and wannabe artists thinking, ‘That’s what I’d like to do to a crowd’ because we go all out and shyness isn’t something that’s in our vocabulary.

Do you intend to mix your musical skills for future tracks? Does DVD always take vocals and Play and D-Dash rap or produce?
DVD: In the past we’ve all had a go at putting vocals down as we see ourselves as artists and if it feels right and we’re all in agreement that it’s the best for the track then we make it happen. You can’t let the title of rapper or producer stop you from going that extra creative mile.

Your female fan base will be huge! Do you approve of the term ‘Sweetboys’!?
Play: A few years back the term Sweetboy was used more as a way of saying someone is a little soft or lacking masculinity in the way they take care of their appearance, but now it’s more a thing of being liked by the ladies and the ability to interest girls. Having a huge female fan base is no problem for me so I don’t mind the word sweetboy at all.

Which R&B artist would you love to do a track with and why?
DVD: There’s two main R&B artists I’d like to work with, either one of Usher or Ne-yo would do me just fine. Usher has been putting out great music for at least 10 years now so he’s definitely someone you’d love to put on your CV! Ne-yo has written for so many other great artists and being a massive artist in his own right he’s defined a lot of the styles that are used today.

Play: I’d also add Taio Cruz and Chris Brown to that fold, I’m really feeling what they’re both doing. Taio Cruz doing his thing out in the states right now and Chris Brown is crazy talented. I think that makes four lol.

What does R&B music mean to you, in your opinion has it changed over the years for the better or worse?
DVD: R&B music is and has been a confidant in my life, it’s like the friend who always says what you need to hear, and all you have to do is pick the right song to match your mood. When I’ve been down there’s songs that lift me up and when I’m upbeat there are songs that keep me in the air. R&B has changed with the times as all great things do – to stay current and relevant, I don’t think it’s better cause so many artists are doing the copycat thing, but every now and then a gem is unearthed – Your Chris Brown’s, Jason Derulo’s.

Your new album out this year 2010, what can fans and listeners expect?
DVD: Expect a big bang, we’re going to set this country alight. It’s going to be a fusion of upbeat high energy music, but every song will have a message. We’re trying to put out a piece of work that can’t be defined as anything but great, monumental, and a first.

Play: Echoing DVD, I think what you will find with our album is easy listening, something different from the norm and songs that listeners can relate to. With an album you’re always going to be a little apprehensive on how it might be received but with this we’re real excited to get it out there.

You must have some amazing ideas for new video ideas, ‘For You’ is a brilliant debut single what is the most exciting aspect for you all as of now, and what are you most looking forward to in the future?
Play: Thank you, I’m glad you like the single. The most exciting aspect is always the reaction to the music, it starts as an idea and you actually make it work and produce these 3-4 minutes of you, your opinions and your feelings. When someone genuinely takes to it and expresses how it touches them, there’s no better feeling. The things I look forward to most is performing to bigger crowds, the energy and atmosphere is crazy, you feel like you’re on top of the world! I can’t wait to tour as well, it gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with your fans on a larger scale.

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Words by Kemi Giwa



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