It wasn’t that long ago, when I started noticing the ad campaigns for the all new Toyota C-HR.

The ad campaigns featured what looked to be beautiful people/models rocking funky sunglasses with a reflection of the C-HR within the lens. Definitely not your typical type of car advertising, which usually features a car, driving along a beautiful landscape up in the hills somewhere. This advert was different, this advert was fashionable, it was funky, it barely even focussed on the car.

toyota C-hr ad campaign
Toyota C-HR ad campaign, is this the most trendiest car advert ever?

Which is what lead me to think that this car isn’t just a car. No, it’s a fashion statement, it’s a trend setting vehicle for cool people that know about style and couture. It’s the type of car that will have heads turning without having to re-mortgage your flat.

And when I got my hands on the Toyota C-HR, I could immediately see why. It’s a supermodel stunner of a car, that looks like it just stepped off the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

toyota C-HR by Leonard W Foster
Beautiful by design

The C-HR is young, it’s hip, and it’s so cool. Rocking more curves than sports illustrated supermodel Ashley Graham and the 1.2litre super efficient engine is small yet potent like Kim Kardashian plus with all the glitz and glam of a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The truth is I love this car! And I’m probably going to buy one this year!

I believe the C-HR is going to open up the SUV market, especially for younger drivers as the C-HR is affordable, plus it’s small engine make it totally economical. When the car first arrived and I read the description sheet, I was a tad disappointed that I got given the 1.2 litre model and not the 1.8 litre model to test drive. However, when I started the engine and drove, I was blow away with the speed and power of the vehicle. Of course, it’s not the fastest car on the planet, it’s what I would call smooth rather than fast, but I’m still baffed as to how a 1.2 litre engine can pull such a monster of a machine…

The engine, that packs a punch in terms of power and not on your wallet

The Toyota C-HR goes from 0-62MPH in 11.4 seconds and has a top speed of 111MPH, which is unbelievable from such a small engine inside such a big car. And what’s even better than all the above, is the price. The new TOYOTA C-HR Dynamic 1.2 CVT has an on the road price of £26,695. The model featured in this article had the added metallic paint at £545 plus the premium pack at £1,595.

The back-shot

Inside the C-HR

As you sit inside the C-HR, you immediately feel comfortable. Everything you need is within arms reach and the upright driving position will help with your posture. The dashboard looks stylish, the trim matches the look and feel of the car. It’s not luxurious in terms of the highest spec, but it’s probably pound for pound the highest spec you might get from a vehicle like this on the market.

Inside the Toyota C-HR
Inside the Toyota C-HR

The other interesting thing is the rather huge LCD display on the dashboard, which on first impressions, seems like it’s almost to big and might ruin your line of sight. The truth is, it doesn’t at all, as once you are in the drivers seat, you full peripheral vision is clear.

The view from the back seats

There isn’t much, not to like about this car. The price is great, the car itself is awesome. You get the thrill of a SUV without the painful fuel and car tax receipts and you’ve got to admit, it’s the probably the best looking SUV on the market right now at it’s price range right?

For more information on the Toyota C-HR simply go to with it’s small starting price of £21,065