Not too long ago, the advertising for the all-new Toyota C-HR started catching my eye.

Unlike traditional car ads featuring scenic drives, these ads were all about style, with beautiful people donning chic sunglasses that cleverly reflected the C-HR in their lenses. It struck me as more than just a car ad; it was a fashion statement, positioning the C-HR as a vehicle for the style-savvy, a car that doesn’t just turn heads but does so without breaking the bank.

toyota C-hr ad campaign
Toyota C-HR ad campaign, is this the most trendiest car advert ever?

When I finally got behind the wheel of the Toyota C-HR, it was clear why it had made such an impression. This car is a knockout, seemingly strutting right off the runway of London Fashion Week with its stunning design.

toyota C-HR by Leonard W Foster

The C-HR is youthful, trendy, and undeniably cool, boasting curves that would make a supermodel envious. It’s equipped with a 1.2-litre engine that’s surprisingly peppy for its size, reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s blend of glamour and efficiency. I was initially sceptical about the smaller engine, but it delivered a smooth, impressive drive that defied my expectations.

What’s even more remarkable is the C-HR’s affordability and efficiency, making it an attractive option for younger drivers. Despite its 1.2-litre engine, the C-HR exhibits admirable performance, achieving 0-62MPH in 11.4 seconds with a top speed of 111MPH. The pricing is just as appealing, with the Dynamic 1.2 CVT model starting at £26,695, adding a touch of luxury with optional metallic paint and a premium pack for a bit extra.

Inside, the C-HR doesn’t skimp on comfort or style. The driver’s seat and dashboard are thoughtfully designed, ensuring everything is within reach and the driving position promotes good posture. The interior may not scream luxury in the traditional sense, but it offers incredible value for its class. The sizable LCD dashboard display, which initially seems like it might obstruct your view, is surprisingly unobtrusive once you’re seated.

Inside the Toyota C-HR

In essence, the Toyota C-HR is a standout in its category. It offers the allure of an SUV without the usual drawbacks of high fuel costs and taxes. Plus, it’s arguably the most stylish SUV in its price range on the market right now. With the C-HR, Toyota has not just made a vehicle; they’ve crafted a lifestyle choice for those who want their car to be as fashionable as their wardrobe.



For more information on the Toyota C-HR simply go to with its small starting price of £21,065