10 reasons to join virgin active

Its 2017 and it’s that time, when everyone wants to purge all the food and drink they have consumed over Christmas and prepare their bodies for spring and summer.

The good news is, you have a bit of time on your hands until the weather heats up and clothing gets smaller and shorter. So why not start now and get yourself ripped or at least a bit leaner, a little bit trimmer and of course much healthier with Virgin Active.

Here’s 10 awesome reasons to join Virgin Active.

1. The Virgin Brand

We all know the Virgin Brand, the Virgin Brand exudes quality and Virgin Active follows suits. The gym’s are clean, heavily laden with high end training equipment and you can feel the difference as soon as you walk in to any branch in comparison to some of the errr less expensive gyms.

2. The Spa’s

virgin active spa

If you are anything like me, then you’ll want a gym that not only has fitness equipment but also has spa facilities. In my opinion, whats the point of working out so hard if you can’t have a little relaxation after? Well luckily for you, some of Virgin Active’s venues have amazing spa’s and swimming pools. The perfect addition to any lifestyle gym. You can unwind and pamper yourself at one of Virgin Active‘s health spas. Enjoy a beauty treatment one of their expert therapists. Give skin some tlc with ESPA, Dr Murad or even a non-surgical face lift (available at some spas). Wax, spray tan, eyes, nails? VA do it all. Relieve muscle tension and reduce lactic acid with a sports massage. Or be more Zen with their range of VirginActive Spa Days to pamper yourself or someone you love.

3. Yoga – Calm by Candlelight

virgin active yoga

As mindfulness and a greater awareness of the deep connection between mind and body continues to play a strong role in people’s everyday wellbeing, Virgin Active’s yoga offering is being reshaped for 2017. Virgin Active has an aim to demystify yoga and help more people understand the physical and mental benefits of great yoga practice. As part of this, they are delighted to have enlisted global yoga personality Patrick Beach as their first ever global yoga ambassador. Plus you get brownie points at dinner parties telling your friends that you practise yoga. Its on trend and everyone wants to get in on the action. Now breathe and stretch…

4. Active Nutrition

virgin active soul mate foods

You’ve join VA, you’ve started your classes, you’ve visited the spa, and now its time to get your nutrition in check for a healthy life. Eat wholesome food and stay active and you’re well on your way to great health and fitness. And if you combine targeted nutrition with training you’ll reach your goals faster: that’s a fact. Their partnership with Soulmatefood makes eating to meet your goals effortless..

5. Personal Training

virgin active personal trainingWhether you want to look good for that big day, get in shape after a baby or do your bit for a good cause, your goals are our goals – and Virgin Active’s expert Personal Trainers will help you not only reach them but smash them.

6. Hydro powered by Speedo

A brand new low-impact, high-intensity water-based group exercise class that is set to be one of VA’s most popular HIIT workouts of 2017.

7. H.E.A.T

The rise of the high-performing everyday athlete shows no sign of slowing down as we head into a new year and that’s why they are introducing a highly innovative athletic training programme; H.E.A.T (High Energy Athletic Training) in their Clubs for 2017, launching first at their brand-new Mansion House Collection Club. It’s the latest evolution of high performance training and uses sports-focused theory to increase cardiovascular endurance and all round strength. You’ll be almost as fast as Virgin’s Superfast Broadband

8. Beyond Movement

Finding that an increasing number of their members are seeking increased knowledge about how to improve their fitness from the inside out. To help minimise injury and maximise performance, as well as improve everyday health and wellbeing, Virgin Active have recently launched ‘Beyond Movement’ – a new suite of therapeutic treatment rooms that will focus on three vital components for preventative recovery and a 360 approach to wellbeing – Reformer Pilates, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage.

9. Innovative Kit

Virgin Active gym floors are fully decked out with a fabulous selection of industry leading fitness gizmos to help members find the workout that works best for them.

10. Racquets

Whether it’s squash, badminton or tennis, Virgin Active clubs have a range of courts tailor-made for having fun and improving your game.

So there you go, 10 awesome reasons to join Virgin Active this year, but wait, there’s more. Did you know that members can sign their kids up as junior members and VA will show them how to run like a cheetah, swim like a shark and play tennis like their favourite pro?

And let’s not forget the twinkle you will see in your friends eyes, when you tell them your a member of Virgin Active. So fancy!

Sign up at www.virginactive.co.uk