hottest 2020 Wellness trend MICRO

It’s that time of year when we all start planning ahead and making 2020 resolutions for a new year, new you. Some of us will focus on money, relationships, friendships, travel, health and more.

So if you too are currently deciding on your 2020 resolutions, the people over at Huawei and Stylus have revealed that MICRO (Making Incremental Changes to Reconnect Ourselves) is the new wellness trend set to underpin the year and help people achieve smarter self-care in 2020 for the new decade.

Doesn’t it sound a lot easier when you think of it in this way? Making small, smart and simple adjustments to lifestyles in order to achieve your goals. It’s time to forget the hardcore fitness regimes (you know, the ones you sign up for in January and quite in February lol) and go for a more holistic approach to wellness activities. Plus with the help of wearable technology such as smartwatches you don’t have to flip your lifestyle upside down to achieve your goals.

huawei watch gt2 watch

MICRO has been identified at a time when the complexities of balancing work and life, as well as the pressure to succeed, has caused increased millennial fatigue and burnout. With new activities like HIIPA, mobile-meditation, micro-dosed nature, sound-baths and recovery-focused studios opening around Europe, it’s clear that a cultural shift towards wellbeing is on the horizon.

Wearable tech allows you to your track vital statistics in a smarter more self-caring way, so check out Huawei’s range of devices that can help you achieve optimum wellness in 2020.