January is the prime time for us all to decide to lose weight and get healthy. A great way to kick stat a healthy lifestyle change is to embark in a detox.

MyDetoxDiet, has launched the UK’s first detox centre – GLOW-TO-GO.

Combining a shop with delicious detox foods, and a treatment centre offering a range of detox treatments, including London’s only Iyashi Dome, GLOW-TO-GO is a sanctuary of health and revitalisation, from top to toe.

I popped down there and tried out the Iyashi Dome, which promises to burn upto 400 calories a time. you spend 30mins lying inside a cosy dome, the first 15 mins is very relaxed, the next 15 your sweat breaks and the detox effect kicks in. Its similar to a sauna but penetrates a deeper level of the dermis and draws out toxins.

After the treatment I tried some of their delicious smoothies, their foods, juices and supplements have been created to cleanse and energise the body and revitalise the mind. GLOW-TO-GO also offers a selection of dedicated detox and weight loss treatments in their beautiful spa.

The centre is located at 20 College Approach, Greenwich, London, SE10 9HY.

MyDetoxDiet was founded by nutritionist Ilona Wesle, and Susanne Kollner an experienced manager of detox and weight-loss spas in Germany. The company launched in 2006 as a detox delivery company offering delicious, healthy, made to order food at an accessible price.

The shop and detox centre in Greenwich is the first to combine detox diets, snacks and supplements with a range of detox treatments – meaning you can pop in and pick up a delicious healthy meal, or you can stay for the day enjoying a range of treatments and fresh food and juices.

The centre is open:

Monday to Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 6pm

MyDetoxDiet offers nationwide delivery for its range of detox diet plans, weight loss plans and juice cleanses. Whether you want to detox for a day or a month – there is plan to suit you and your lifestyle.

And if you are looking to lose weight then MyDetoxDiet can design a plan that suits your goals and your lifestyle – in particular they have a highly successful plan that can be fitted around a hectic evening social schedule and is ideal for busy executives who have to attend functions.

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