new years resolution

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution can be an arduous task, so why not make this year’s choice a little more positive, like learning something new or ticking something off your bucket list?

Here are our top picks for resolutions that you’ll actually look forward to keeping come the start of 2017…

Visit somewhere different in the world

It’s always a positive experience when you’re discovering new and wonderful places – the scenery, the cultures, the food and the people you come across on your travels can all have a lasting impact. There are 195 different countries in the world and seven continents, meaning that the choice of where to visit next really is boundless. Aim to visit at least one new place each year and trust us when we say that it’s a truly rewarding habit to get into.

Learn something new

Perhaps you love taking photos, you can’t stop going to the cinema or you’d like to get a little more creative with your writing. Learning more about your chosen subject couldn’t be easier when organisations such as City Lit offer what seems like an endless array of courses, including photography, film studies and journalism. There is also a music appreciation course, comedy workshops, and even coffee tasting classes to explore.

Volunteer for a charity

Most of us will donate money to charity at some point through the year, but there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as helping those less fortunate during the festive season. There are many organisations that can guide you in the right direction – whether you’d like to do something locally, such as helping an elderly neighbour with a bit of shopping, or give up some time to work in a nearby charity shop.

If you feel like taking it a step further, look into VSO. The organisation offers volunteer placements to 24 developing countries and work in partnership with communities to provide help and training.

Feed your soul

Do what you love. Learn to cook that Italian dish you’ve always enjoyed in your favourite restaurant. Read that book you’ve always said you would. Make an effort to see some live music, go to the theatre or head to the latest exhibition at your nearest museum or art gallery. Doing these things will feed your senses like nothing else, raising your overall happiness levels at the same time.

One of the most important things to do when deciding upon your next resolution is to be realistic. Don’t try to take on the whole world at once – instead pick one thing at a time and you’ll eventually get there.