Hailing from Rockland, New York rising MC Des Brennan has released a luminous EP dubbed ‘Haven.’

‘Haven’ was made when Des had a low couple of weeks but instead of turning the EP into something darker further fuelling his sadness, he decided to flip it and make it positive.

Stories in the EP are told musically and lyrically throughout that nurture self-reflection. It touches upon matters of darkness and seeing yourself through to discover inner-transformation. Guiding listeners through a tour of themes commonly witnessed inside of the human experience.

“I am at the point where music truly feels like home to me. Whenever I am writing and recording my music, all of my daily problems seem to go away,” said Des Brennan.

“I was feeling pretty down the past couple of weeks and was actually going to make a darker project but then I realised all that would do is keep me feeling down. So I decided to make Haven,” he said.

Making music is therapy for Des and the EP focuses on being positive and always looking on the bright side, even when you are in your darkest hour. It also has another theme: the endless grind that Des has been on since he started making music.

Producers from all over the world worked on this EP including Tomcbumpz and Cavanaugh from USA,  Karnaval Blues from England, Juan Rios in Spain and Tesk in Germany.

The EP was recorded in Frequency Recording Studio in White Plains, New York.