With the release of The Trust in cinemas and VOD on May 27, we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from the film to share with you.

We all know Nicholas Cage films are usually a hit or don’t touch with a barge poll but we can officially tell you The Trust in which he teams up with Elijah Wood is surprisingly good. Some would even say it’s Cage’s best and funniest work in a long time.

The synopsis reads Waters and Stone are two nobody police officers working dull administrative jobs and making extra money selling stolen Civil Service Exams to other officers. When Stone hears a story about a heroin dealer quickly beating his extremely high bail, the two friends set into motion a plan to find the origin of such a large amount of cash. Through diligent police work they follow a trail that leads directly to a custom bank-style vault built into the back room freezer of a small grocery store. They put a plan into motion to rob the vault and split whatever they find inside. But by the time they figure out what the vault contains, it’s already too late to turn back.

In this exclusive clip Stone (Cage) tries to convince Waters (Wood) to join him on the heist that will set them up for life. Make sure you watch to the very end, You’ll be in for a rude surprise.



The Trust comes to cinemas and VOD May 27th