cbb finalists 2018

Last week Nick Leeson left the Celebrity Big Brother house to a roaring ovation, finishing the competition in fourth overall and commanding something of a fatherly presence throughout his time in the house.

This ovation could not be more different to the one the former rogue trader received over 20 years ago when he was convicted of taking down one of Britain’s biggest banks and sent to a Singapore prison!

Whilst you may be aware of some of his previous history thanks to his conversations and confessions made in the CBB house, how well do you really know Nick Leeson?

A new infographic has chronicled the infamous character’s history, showcasing just how crazy his life has been. From prison in Singapore to battling cancer all the way to appearing in Celebrity Big Brother, it’s been quite the ride for Nick.

You can take a look at his full list of antics below.

Who is rogue trader Nick Leeson_

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