Nike Air Max 95 are one of those trainers that will never go out of fashion, from its first release in 1995, Nike Air Max 95 has held in own in the trainers hall of fame. We decided to write a (not so) TRUE STORY of a Dairy of a pair of Nike Air Max 95.

Mums Story:

Coming home from work one day, as I walked through the door I noticed that my sons trainers were looking a little bit tatty. Immediately I had that light bulb ping moment, of blissful relaxation, and more me time. You know what this means right? It means my son will turn into an angel for at least 2 weeks before he asks me to buy him a new pair of Nike Air Max 95’s. How do I even know that name of these trainers I hear you ask? Well he always talks about them, that’s how.

So I thought I would devise a plan to speed up the process of him asking me and I could do with putting my feet up for 2 weeks. It’s now Saturday morning, I’m in my kitchen using my tablet while having a coffee. I go to and find click on the Nike Air Max 95 page and then I leave the page open and leave the tablet on the table. He’ll be awake soon and wanting some breakfast and much to my delight in he walks, ‘Morning Mum’ he says, ‘morning son’ I cheekily reply.

He is looking slightly different this morning, not grumpy at all, he actually looks like an angel this morning, so this is probably the perfect time to hit him with my cunning plan. I say ‘would you like some breakfast?’ of course he does, he always wants food, unless he is in his room playing computer games. He replies ‘ah thanks mum, yes please’. He sits on the dinning table, I then say ‘Go on to the tablet and let me know what the weather is going to be like over the weekend’ (for those of you that have not been following the story, as soon as he presses that button he will see the trainers and POW that will be enough to influence my 2 weeks of relaxation).

He turns on the tablet and the page of trainers opens right there in front of his face, I pretend as if I’m not looking at him, scrolling up and down the page looking all excited. He looks at me and says ‘Mum how come you’re looking at Air Max 95’s?’ I say, ‘oh I clicked on a wrong page while searching for a new gym kit‘.

The plan has worked, he has seen the trainers, I know he will turn into and angel, and start being ever so helpful around the house and then in 2 weeks time, he will hit me with it and say, ‘mum can you buy me a new pair of trainers please?’ Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (Dr Evil style laugh).

Sons Story:

Got home early from college today, as I want to get a new pair of trainers so I devised a stealthy plan to get my mum to buy me a new pair. OK it’s not that stealthy but it works. I will leave me trainers really close to the front door so that when she arrives home from work she will see them their. Hopefully she will see that they are looking a bit old and that I need a new pair. The 2nd part of the plan is to be a good boy for 2 weeks, this means washing the dishes and taking out the rubbish just before the bin gets full and doing all of these things without my mum asking me too.

After 2 weeks of being a good boy, I will hit her with the bill which of course is my new pair of trainers. It’s now Saturday morning, I will wait until I hear that my mum is in the kitchen, having her morning coffee and then I will walk into the kitchen, with a nice smile on my face and looking happy (a far cry from my usual grumpy morning self). I walk in the kitchen and say ‘Morning Mum’ in my most friendliest tone, she replies ‘morning son’.  I know my plan is working because she immediately says ‘would you like some breakfast?’, I would generally make my own breakfast so this is a good sign for me, I says ‘ah thanks mum, yes please’.

My mum asks me to look on the tablet on the table and tell her what the weather is going to be like this weekend. Much to my surprise I turn on the tablet and right there in front of me is a page with my trainers, I started to wonder how come this page is open, was she looking at trainers too? Or did she see my trainers at the door? If so it means my covert operation is working and now that I have planted the subliminal message, this provided me with the perfect opportunity to lightly grease the wheels and get her warm to the idea of buying me my new kicks.’Mum how come you’re looking at Air Max 95’s?’ I say,  she replies ‘oh I clicked on a wrong page while searching for a new gym kit’.

My plan has started to work even better than I imagined, now all I have to do is be good for 2 weeks and those trainers are mine. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (Dr Evil style laugh).

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