My inbox is like a lucky dip. In amongst the Twitter and, Facebook notifications, and press notices, and reminders – there is also little glints of gold prizes waiting for me to pluck them out.

These are the model submissions and these are the nice things I get in my inbox. So when Nina Evans dropped into my box I quickly checked her out and found a buxom beauty just aching to featured on Flavourmag. Well as wry as I am I can’t stand idly by while a girl is aching so here she is – the adorable Nina Evans…

Hi Nina! Welcome to Flavourmag! So, you’re from Eastbourne which is more renowned for wrinkly’s that hot stunners – is that why you escaped and came to London?

God yes! I was dying an early death there! As soon as I finished college I hopped on a train and ran away to London, sleeping on people’s sofa’s and living out of a suitcase. Then London city took me under her wing and corrupted me with all its lights (Laughs)

Now then, you went to work for a magazine I understand – should I be worried or should I just get you to be one of my writers? What got you into the media?

(Laughs) I’ve been told I’m a good writer, got an A in English, wrote blogs and stories etc, just seemed like a natural step, I’d love to get back into it…

Nina Evans

Well, I’m always looking for bloggers and contributors! You got entered into a competition with Zoo magazine that you went on to win – were you surprised by that?

Totally. Shell-shocked. I didn’t know people were voting for it then they rang me up and were like, “Ninaaa! You won the month, come for a shoot!”, I was like ‘Whaaaa?!’ Especially since all the other girls had been promoting it and rounding up their friends and fans to vote, I hadn’t told anyone so it was a real boost for me.

That led you to Australia – how did all that come about?

I get bored if I stay in the same place too long, I think it was a running away thing again, but this time with a backpack. I was planning on living out there but, surprise surprise! – I got bored. I thought I didn’t want to carry on modelling, then I went out there and missed it, it was just what I needed in the end.

You’ve been modelling for a few years now; did you get started?

It was suggested to me time and time again, so I thought; Eff it; let’s give it a shot!

Nina evans

Your pictures are amazing – what do you think is your best feature?

Well, I’d be most sad if I lost my eyelashes as they’re like fake lashes, but I doubt any men notice that! I do love my boobs, they’re fun!

I can imagine! You’re also a bit of a gym bunny and an adrenaline junkie liking a variety of activities – tell us more about that and how did you get into it?

Well, I think my dad wanted me to be a boy so I was brought up with lot’s of basketball and football, swimming, horse riding, he’d make us do assault courses at the gym and didn’t let my sister and I be scared of trying things. When it comes to extreme activities I’m there with the guys, jumping off cliffs, out of planes, white-water rafting. I’m dying to do shark cage diving and bungee jumping! Skiing’s a great rush too, you go so fast if you move a muscle you’d die, and then you don’t and it’s the best feeling!

Now that Flavourmag is launching our own studios – do you think you’d pop down and pay us a visit sometime?

Fo Sho! Well, only if you’ll make me a nice cuppa 🙂

Who would you love to work with?

Alan Strutt! He’s the ultimate! And Scott Ninness

Nina evans

What do you like to do to relax?

I watch crap with my flatmate! Or walk around parks, my friends find that weird but I just really like being in the country and it’s the closest I can get in London!

What’s on your iPod at the moment?

Lana del Rey ‘Off to the Races’

Are you single?

Yes, for too long!

Really?? Are you quite fussy then? What do you look for in a guy?

I don’t think I’m too fussy no. Someone who’s funny, relaxed, reliable, and a challenge!

A Challenge? Complete the sentences: The naughtiest thing I’ve done is… a secret!

My biggest turn on is… a man’s chest, well maybe that’s not a turn on… I just want to snuggle into it!

The way to impress me is… take care of me, be a man!

My dream holiday would be… a yacht around the Caribbean with topless male waiters, then up to Miami, party there then hit Disney in Florida, BOOM!

My perfect date would be… I once had a date in Barcelona, we just ate, went to a gig in some underground bar, drank a lot of red wine, then walked around the city, it was pretty perfect…

Nina, thanks for dropping by to Flavourmag – what’s your message to everyone out there? Thanks for checking out my feature and you can follow me on Twitter @ninaevans7 where I post some more ‘interesting’ shots shall we say?