This Saturday a free event aiming to discuss how the sexual exploitation of girls as young as 10 by gangs can be tackled  takes place in Willesden at Roundwood Youth Centre in Roundwood Road.

‘Mind the Gap 2 – Where is the love’ , will be attended by BAFTA Award winning actor Noel Clarke and award winning music artist Ms Dynamite and will explore sex, love and respect between today’s youths and will look at ways to increase the level of confidence in the today’s young people.

This is in response to an inquiry by the Children’s Commission last year, looking into the existence of sexual exploitation in gangs across the UK, which revealed thousands of teenage girls in London are at risk of being raped and lured into situations where they are repeatedly sexually abused by boys and many attacks go unreported.

Davis Williams, founder of Undiluted Expressionz created the event Mind the Gap 2 says:  “We have spoken to many young people who felt unsure how to address issues of both self -respect and a mutual respect for each other, and we wanted to give them an uncensored and safe environment where they could connect with other young people in open and honest dialogue.”

“I am looking forward to seeing the event grow to reach and touch the lives of young people,” said Ms Dynamite.

The free event, taking place this weekend in Brent, northwest London, is aiming to look at ways in which the experience of the young people who frequent London’s streets can be improved.

The Children’s Commission report found that thousands of boys and girls as young as 10-years-old, from a range of ethnic backgrounds, were being victimised through gang and group associations.

This free event is taking place on Saturday 9th August from 4pm-10pm at the Roundwood Youth Centre in Brent, North West London. Free tickets are available at Eventbrite here.