Modern society is driven by consumption and this means that we all strive to live above the minimum threshold of poverty. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this it does mean that we become preoccupied by physical things and the ownership of property and products over actually having a fulfilled life.


Materialism is an easy way of filling voids in your life and this can be anything from lack of a fulfilling a relationship to not being satisfied with your job. Possessions are a great way of filling your life up with meaningless things where what you really need is more personal goals, passions and challenges.

Living a Non-Materialistic Life

Below are some of our top points for helping you understand why a non-materialistic life is a beneficial option and how you can achieve this.

You are not your things

Once you start to amass a large quantity of possessions then they start to become part of you. Many people describe themselves as obsessed with shoes or addicted to handbags and this is one type of statement which is unhealthy if you’re trying to combat materialism. Separate your personal identity from your property.

Set Goals and Challenges

As we’ve said materialism fills a void in your life. Replace the buying of things with goals and challenges for personal development. It could be as simple as working towards that next promotion or starting a new hobby or college course.


If you’re really committed to non-materialism then you may be thinking about what you should do with all your possessions? You may be thinking “Is it really time to sell my stuff?” The answer here could be yes, especially if you decide to use the funds made for personal development goals or donate the money made to charity. Things that are broken or unusable can also be recycled so they don’t go to waste.

Collect Experiences

Rather than filling your home with possessions spend your time and money on experiences. Explore your local area and go further afield for more exciting and memorable experiences. Experiencing something first had is much more enjoyable than simply having a picture or memento of it.

Work on Personal Skills

Working on your personal skills such as time management, self-discipline and emotional control is a great way to spend your time as these personal assets will replace your need for physical possessions.

Avoid Competition

It’s very hard not to get dragged into possession competition with friends. Even as adults if all our friends are pulling out their iPads and driving brand new cars it’s only natural we want the same. Train your brain to avoid this type of thought pattern by building different social groups and attending free events with different friends. The diversity of your group of friend’s will help block the competitive jealousy that forms in a solely affluent network.

You can’t take it With You

More than anything else you want your life to be something to be remembered for. When you’re gone you want people to remember more than just your massive pile of stuff and think about you, the person, instead.

A non-materialistic life is rich and fulfilling and something we should all try out.