Nudestix Review. My interest was first peaked by Nudestix when I saw Pixie Woo use the concealers in one of their Youtube tutorial video’s. I am big fan of there’s, and anything they use I always want to know more about.

I’ve now got to try some of the range and let me tell you, it is lovely! No word of a lie, from the packaging which is super chic; it comes in a little tin “pencil cases”, embossed with the Nudestix name. Inside you will find your jumbo sized crayon, for eye’s, lips, cheeks and face; and next to that will be a little sharpener. In each case there is a sharpener, that is super helpful! Not only that there is a large very clear mirror on the underside of the lid, what more could you ask for.


Try the creamy concealer, it’s light and blend-able but you can always build it up, great for hiding away those dark circles or red patches.  As it can blend away into a light consistency, it means this could also be used as a tinted moisturiser. There are 8 different shades to choose from as shown in the above image.

I also tried the Sculpting Nudestix. These are double ended with the highlight on one side and the contour on the other. There are two different options to choose from. I used the fairer one. The highlight end is very light and bright it gives a natural finish and does exactly what it’s supposed to, “highlight”. The contour end was waaaaaaay to light for me, it was the same colour as my skin tone. I couldn’t use it to contour. I checked out the darker sculpting Nudestix; which comes in “deep”, for the contour and medium for the highlight. This doesn’t seem like it would work for me either as the medium would be my skin tone therefore wouldn’t be able to highlight but the darker end would probably work for the contour. So it’s a conundrum, I guess If you are really fair the light Nudestix would work for you, and if you are a medium skin tone the darker would work for you, but for me alas I just can’t have it all! So before getting this one really have a good think about it. otherwise the quality and ease of use seem really good.

Sculpting nudestix


Say whaaaat two in one that’s right. This is a great duo Lipstick and blusher, on one end the colour mystic a dark rose color and the other end we have Whisper, a pink toned neutral. Both colours are great for lips, and if you ant to create that Ombre lip look, these two perfectly compliment each other to do that too. On top of all that good stuff, you can dab a few dots onto the cheeks and blend out with fingers or a synthetic brush, to add a natural looking flush to the cheeks. There are two dual stix to choose from.

Dual nudestix lip and cheek


The magnetic eye colour sicks, are soft and silky with a true metallic shine. There are 8 to choose from and I couldn’t resist a bit of gold, in the form of “Gilt“. For me personally, some of these colours are a little too natural, as I like a more dramatic look. As a base they hold the eyeshadow for hours and add an extra umph of colour. If you like something light these are a good choice but if you like something that packs a punch use as a primer to really bring out the colours.

Magnetic-Eye-Group nudestix

Nudestix Mascara is super black, it spreads the lashes and elongates as well as lasting all day long. It isn’t the most dramatic mascara but it feels luxurious and doesn’t crumble. As an everyday mascara it’s great, as a super dramatic evening mascara; not so much. Then again the hole point of this range is to look natural.


So there we have it. Over all I think these products are truly great. My fave’ would have to be the lipsticks. The texture is smooth, creamy and soft. It doesn’t drag on application, it simply glides. Definitely worth a try.

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Written by Tilly Li