Oakley sunglasses are where you go when you move on from the competition; they’re ideal for sports, for active lifestyles, for everyday wear and for making an entrance at almost any event.

They’re some of the most innovative sunglasses ever made, with over 600 patents across the entire range. They’ve been seen on athletes as diverse as the snowboarding guru Shaun White, the Tour de France’s Mark Cavendish, Olympic heroine Victoria Pendleton and BMX superstar Shanaze Reade. They’re not just for the sports community, oh no; Oakley have done more to bring the lifestyle and sports sunglasses together than any other sunglasses brand.victoria pendleton

It started over 30 years ago in Jim Jannard’s garage, where he combined $300, a bag of tools and a range of crazy ideas to create some of the best sunglasses ever made. The Frogskins sunglasses were invented in 1985 and are a newer, ultra-scientific take on the Wayfarer style. They’re smaller, lighter and come in a huge range of different colours and Plutonite lenses.image

Plutonite lenses are just one of the incredible features with most Oakleys; they’re made at a molecular level so they’re stunningly clear, and ultra-protective. They can withstand a metal ball-bearing shot from 8 inches at over 100mph, so they can definitely protect your eyes from a stone chipping or a piece of metal whizzing towards your eye!

Two of our bestsellers are the Frogskins, which we mentioned earlier, and the Holbrook sunglasses which are a larger, more squared version of the Frogskins. Together they’re not afraid to show the world what Oakley can do, and just how lightweight and dynamic they can be.image

Oakley sunglasses are available at Shade Station and are perfect for all sorts of lifestyles and occasions.