Hundreds of people are fuming, after claims that the Official Mixtape Awards would attract a bad crowd, led to the Metropolitan Police and Hertfordshire Thames Valley Police making the call for it to be cancelled.

Police made the decision to cancel the OMAs today, just hours before the awards show was due to take place in Watford, Hertfordshire. This event is held annually and today would have been the third award show. The decision has left people not only angry but confused, considering the success of two previous award shows.

It was claims that the show would attract a bad crowd that led to this unfortunate cancellation. However the claims have been shunned and branded implausible, as planned guests were those who held high reputations and a sense of responsibility. Authoritative music industry channels such as SB.TV, Link Up TV and Grime Daily were scheduled to attend the show.

Police say the show is ‘supporting criminals’. Yet the Official Mixtape Awards ‘is the first initiative to actively recognize, promote, and celebrate mixtapes and its contributors’

There is also speculation that the necessary risk assessment was not carried out. Police claim they were not given ‘adequate notification of the event’, which has sold over 700 tickets.

The Official Mixtape Awards has been posting information on its Twitter account and asking whether they should ‘reschedule or just announce the winners online?’

Twitter has been rife with people wondering why the police have cancelled such a positive event, that celebrates music success amongst the youth.