Ok, maybe not eaten alive, but laying in the mouth of a huge shark for this stunning new photo shoot for Harpers Bazaar.


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Gracing the March 2015 cover of Harper’s Bazaar US, Rihanna looks stunning and glitters in gold. But inside the magazine, things get a bit more dangerous as she swims alongside sharks and even poses in a shark’s mouth for one shot. Norman Jean Roy captured the photo shoot with the pop star. When asked in the interview about her greatest adventure thus far, the Puma creative director replied with,

“Greatest adventure? Are you kidding me? I just did a photo shoot in the midst of sharks. It’s going to be pretty hard to beat that.”

Take a look at the rest of the images and be sure to grab your copy in March.

rihanna-sharks-harpers-bazaar-march-2015-photoshoot4 rihanna-sharks-harpers-bazaar-march-2015-photoshoot2 rihanna-sharks-harpers-bazaar-march-2015-photoshoot1