Beautiful models graced the set for The Real Mr Smith’s video shoot for his forthcoming single Best Friend. A song about fancying his girlfriends best friend – Yes, you heard right! Thank God he’s not your man ladies. And fellas I bet you’re nodding saying we’ve thought about it but would never say it. This 2 day shoot took place in Camden and Bromley and the single is released in the summer.

Photography by Jordan Roach

Hair by Kara Chance

Makeup by Serena Locatelli


    • Hey Lauren

      This summer Im gonna be performing all over, Notting Hill Carnival (Flavour Stage and Venus Stage), Luton Carnival (Main Stage), I Love Live with SeeJay100 (Mon June 28th) Plus im gonna be back and forth from Napa throughout june to August! You cant really miss me 🙂

  1. I like the concept Mr Smith playing the role well, still got that swagger from high school keep doin u all day baby!

  2. looool this guy was at the 999 party great performer got well into the crowd. facety though about fancying his girls bestfriend. goodluck hunny

  3. Looks good Smithy…Shame I'm not in the vid 🙂
    Send me a sneak preview of the song please.. Much appreciated 😉 !!!

  4. Loved his first track and been waiting for ths to drop …… love the sounds of Mr Smith ………bit of eye candy too 🙂

  5. he looks like my girls brother! anyway, hes is cute, dont know about the whole bestfriend thing though, he needs to fix up

  6. Luc Lucien Can't wait to see this video, Your going to have a lot of girls wanting to be that best friend!…. Truth be told, we all know it happens. Luv luv your beats and lyrics, so bring it on.
    You know iv'e got so much 'just bounce' love.xxxxxx

    • Lucy Looooooooooooooo!!!! JUST BOUNCE ON 3….1…..2…..3 "JUUUUSSSSTTTT BBBOOOOUUUUNNNNCCCEEEEE!!!!! loool

  7. I worked on this shoot (the best friend) it was amazing, great ppl, and this tracks gna b massive, tune of the summer!

  8. tut tut what this smithy, you promoting being unfaithful mmm lol you know its all love anyway xxxx keep doing your thing xxx

  9. Yum yum yum, can i get sum!!!!!!!!! Black, buff and SUPER SEXY, plus very talented too. Damn, what a combo! Lovin the track. It's hot. Keep doin ur thing babe.xX

  10. Loving the new track Smithy! So original….Cant wait to see the video 🙂 I see 2010 n beyond being your year babes! SUPERSTAR IN THE MAKING! xxxxxx

  11. Just seen the new Video trailer for 'Best Friend' on Youtube. I think its well good and I cant wait to see the full vid. Also a mate told me theres a funky club remix by Dave Silcox, I think its the one on the end of the trailer ? Its sounds amazing, I bumping round my room to it ! x Rihanna98 x

  12. Just stumbled across dis article out of da blue and now its my favourite tune of da week! "I fancy ur best friend….." nice catchy hook! Anyone kno when's his next single or even album release out?


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