British dance-hall prince, Mr Midas has released a new single with a crazy video to go with it.

The energetic Londoner’s new single, Ooh Whooa Whoa is full of energy and is set to be a hit on the dance floor. The crazy video somehow manages to incorporate pirates, space and hot girls all under 4 minutes!

Entwining his Jamaican roots with his own unique individual style, Mr Midas continues to impress with fresh sound.

Mr Midas first caught our eye as one of the most popular artists on the 2007 T4 series Musicool. The show brought various musical artists from different backgrounds to create a modern day musical, which was broadcasted live on Channel 4.

As well as creating hot tracks, Mr Midas is also checking off the presenter tick box with his Boom TV show on 4Music.



Check out the video for Ooh Whooa Whoa here.

By Rykesha Hudson

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