Coca-Cola looked into the nation’s behaviour online. By analysing a sample of UK’s 15 million active Twitter users, every day since the start of 2014 and all of 2013, the research reveals that online optimism is thriving and positive tweets are outnumbering negative by more than two to one. A series of 20 words, which will yesterday featured on a unique art installation on London’s Southbank, such as ‘hope’ and ‘proud’, were identified as the most regularly tweeted words of positive sentiment used by UK Twitter users over the whole of 2013 through this analysis.

We also revealed some great insights into the use of the word ‘love’ on Twitter. For example, the 27th October last year, when One Direction previewed Story of My Life, was the day when ‘love’ was used the second-most over the whole of 2013 (only beaten by Valentine’s Day).

Some key insights from the research:

· The word ‘love’ was used 77 million times in 2013 and included in as many as 200,000 to 300,000 tweets per day, whereas ‘hate’ never exceeded 100,000 uses over a 24 hour period.

· Already in 2014, over 1.5million tweets have contained the word ‘love’.