edinburgh airport

Edinburgh Airport is the busiest airport in Scotland, jetting more than 12 million passengers to over 130 destinations every year.

Pretty impressive, but you might feel underwhelmed if you’re one of those 12 million.

That’s because, despite excellent facilities, very few of us love air travel – studies show that for most people it’s even more stressful than moving house.

It’s why air rage is rife, why people audibly sigh when they hear the word ‘airport’, and why it’s common to see exhausted businesspeople slumped over departure lounge bars.

But amidst those glum looking travellers, there’ll always be a few people who look calmer than David Lynch after 14 hours of Transcendental Meditation.

These enlightened souls glide through airport security like the Maharishi himself, before boarding their flight without so much as a solitary grumble under their breath.

Their secret – they came prepared.

You can be on the passenger Zen-list too if you follow our tips on how to prepare for your trip to Edinburgh Airport.


Park with the pros

Figuring out a place to park in an airport is a little like trying to play Tetris with your nasal hair – not fun and likely to spell Game Over before your holiday’s even begun.

But that’s only if you do it yourself.

Edinburgh Airport parking hosts private valet parking companies, allowing you to drive straight up to your terminal and have a member of staff pick up your car for you.

It’s quick, easy and saves you the headache of trying to hunt for a decent parking spot.

Our pick: Looking4Parking is an excellent provider of secure parking, whether you require short- or long-stay options.

Find haute cuisine

Foodies everywhere love mapping out the best restaurants to visit on their next holiday destination – so why don’t you do the same when you visit the airport?

Having a relaxing meal is the ideal way to unwind before a flight, and Edinburgh Airport is brimming with great places to eat. Just remember to check-in early enough to appreciate your fine dining.

Our pick: The Gathering is a restaurant/lounge hybrid giving you options to sit down and unwind or grab a quick bite before you board, and makes meals based on fresh and local ingredients.

Get a decent night’s sleep

If your flight departs at stupid o’ clock (or ‘very early in the morning’, for the layman) then there’s little point driving through the night. Edinburgh Airport has plenty of hotels in the surrounding area that can offer you a little touch of luxury, helping you get in the holiday mood right away.

Our pick: The DoubleTree by Hilton is closest to the airport itself and offers rooms for less than £100 a night if you book in advance. Book yourself a room and get the best 40 winks of your life.

Don’t despair in a departure lounge

For only £26 you can relax in one of Edinburgh’s No1 lounges — luxury departure lounges which offer amazing amenities from complimentary food to an exciting sports bar.

Put your feet up here in complete comfort and you’ll be looking positively pampered by the time you hop aboard your flight.

Our pick: Try the fresh seasonal food in the lounge – it’ll fill you up before your flight and leave your taste buds yearning for more.

That’s our list! Are there any great amenities in Edinburgh Airport you think we should give a shout out? Then let us know in the comments below!