Plus-sized dresses have evolved over the years, from the dated relics that were there a while back to amazing pieces that bring out the queen in you.

As we get ready for spring, we have a selection of amazing pieces that you can wear for every occasion—and a few tips to look absolutely gorgeous.

Plain, Short, Flared Dress with a V-neck

If you want to come out simple but show off your amazing curve, women’s plus-size clothing options like a short, plain dress, is a good pick. The mid-line of the dress is large enough to handle a big burst, while taped edging along the front v-neckline helps lengthen your figure.

There is a seam just below the burst that is rounded in the front to give a little more room in this region. Finally, the skirt is flared to give the dress a cool, swishy, feminine style and complete the spring look. You can go for colour options like fuchsia, yellow and red to look elegant.

A Long Maxi Dress with a Crossover Neckline

On the other hand, if you wish to cover up your entire body for a lazy weekend or a casual dinner, a long maxi dress is a good choice. You can go for prints that attract attention, like gold, pink and green leaf prints.

The crossover neckline enhances the burst line and moves attention to your upper body. Pick an option with an elastic waist seam so that the dress does not feel too loose or too tight, especially when seated. You can match it up with sneakers or your wedges. It also looks great with minimal accessories.

Add Some Frills to Your Long Dress

A long dress lengthens your figure, especially if you are short and rounded. On the other hand, frills take attention away from your curvy bottom while providing more room for added comfort. The short kimono sleeves enhance the seductive casual style and show off some skin.

Additionally, you may consider a cross-over or just a front v-neckline. As for print or colour choices, consider bold or floral prints for an awesome summer feel. If you have a rounded mid-region, consider a partially elastic option so that it is comfortable when you sit. This dress is good for everyday wear and those casual evening nights out.

Short Black Dress

The short black dress is not only for petite bodies. It also looks great on plus-sized women. However, the option for plus-sized won is looser so that it feels comfortable. Check the size of your tummy area to pick a good fit. You may pick a dress with a removable tie belt for use when you want a tighter feel.

You can wear a short black dress with golden sandals. Additionally, you can accessorise with bracelets, necklaces and a handbag for that chic look.

Go for Ethnic Prints to Cut Down on Length

If you are a tall, plus-sized woman, you may want to look a little shorter without sacrificing your feminine look. A good option is to pick a short shift dress that comes with ethnic prints. Ethnic prints look like horizontal lines that alter the perception of length. They are also earthy colours that look great on any occasion.

You can accessorise the dress with a brown to light tan handbag, dark bracelets and oversized necklaces. It also looks great with beige or white sandals.

If you are one of the curvy women out there, you can look stunning throughout the year while highlighting the best parts of your shape. This spring, give your wardrobe a with designs you can wear on any occasion. The above options can be worn on various occasions. They feel comfortable and feminine.