pam messer

‘Heartbeats’ is the emotive new single to come from singer-songwriter Pam Messer. Teaming up with Nick Swannell of Studio 49, ‘Heartbeats’ was written during lockdown and expresses emotions of love.

With a soothing instrumental and flowing vocal melody lines, ‘Heartbeats’ is a perfect Sunday afternoon song, a musical embodiment of serenity.

Release Date: 4th February Listen Here

A writer of gorgeously haunting music, Pam Messer draws her inspiration from the moments in life that try to break you, finding beauty and melody in the darkest of times. Since writing her first song at age 15, Pam Messer has a wealth of experience and influences to draw from. An orchestral violinist in her youth, Pam is an accomplished pianist, as well as a self-taught guitarist.

Her debut album, ‘Woodstock to Bethlehem’ was released in 2014 and has been featured on Pure West Radio Pembrokeshire.