nettles-cashmereKatrina Appie, Chantelle James and Hila Basir are the ultra-talented make-up artists behind Cr8 Pandemonium. Having been the key make-up artist on Prince’s tour at The O2 and working with numerous celebs and top designers models, music artists and magazine’s are vying for their expertise at shoots. Here they give useful tips, talk product recommendations and offer advice on breaking into the industry.

With a combination of education in Fine Arts, Fashion and Textiles what led to the decision to become make-up artists?
H: I’ve always had an interest in fashion and beauty, but education was very important to my family, so university was no choice. After obtaining my degree I realized that a career as a make-up artist was what I wanted to focus on.
K: I have always wanted to be in this industry so at a very young age I decided to take the relevant steps to get me where I am now. We have been working as Pandemonium for 3 years.
C: Make-up artistry is my forte. I’ve been in the industry for 7 years.

What main steps did you take to break into the industry?
H: The main steps I took were to work with different models, photographers and stylists. Working for a make-up house definitely helps in terms of experience and in getting your work noticed by others.
C: Networking is vital as is working for free; which can lead to paid jobs. It’s a great foot in the door.

How did Pandemonium come about? What started it?
K: Pandemonium came about through three make-up artists wanting to showcase their work before finally coming together as a team on larger projects and tours around the world.

pandemonium 1Has having knowledge in other areas helped with your technique, ideas or creativity?

H: Art definitely helped me be creative. Instead of working on a canvas with oil paints, I use the face as a canvas and my make up and my brushes to help me paint.
K: Studying subjects like beauty therapy has helped me to understand the underlying bone structure of the face, which in turn helps me decide how to contour it.

Who would you most like to make-up and why?

C: I would have to say Beyonce, her features are symmetrical – you could do almost anything to her and she would look stunning.
K: Erykah Badu as she has this natural beautiful vibe going on.

If there is one area a woman should master when applying make-up what would that be?
I think knowing how to show your skin in the best light is the feature we should all master.
My essential would be the eyebrows. So many people fail to understand that they frame the face, and without any make up on at all, your eyebrows should always appear completely immaculate.

What piece of advice would you give to a budding make-up artist just starting out on the scene?
H: Work hard and stay positive because in the long run it will pay off eventually.
C: You need that special ingredient – passion. Also, hands-on experience; I’m self taught and I learned everything I know through the process of trial and error – don’t be afraid to experiment.

Can you give me one beauty tip or secret from each of you…

H: Spend more on good quality products, as quality always pays off in the long run.
K: Invest in some good skincare products, also keeping your skin hydrated makes all the difference to how make up looks on you.

Words by Rachelle Hull