The fitness and nutrition dream team of Kate Staples and Patrick Holford have combined their experience and encyclopedic knowledge to produce a book that delivers a genuine path to significant fat loss and fitness gain.

burnfatfast‘Burn Fat Fast’ is their first collaboration and one they are both very excited about. Kate Staples, former record breaking GB pole vaulter said, “I’ve been studying around the world and developing my methods in fitness and conditioning training for more than 15 years. I have been aware of Patrick for some time and greatly admired his visionary work, so the opportunity to work with him and pool our expertise to help people achieve genuine and lasting results was just too good to miss!”

Patrick Holford is a world renowned nutritionist with more than 30 books to his name translated into 20 languages. His alternate day low glycemic load (GL) eating plan is central to Burn Fat Fast. “A significant misconception, and one that elements of the dieting industry has perpetuated over many years, is that weight loss, weight gain and fat build-up is all fundamentally about calorie intake. At the root cause of weight gain, food cravings, diabetes and heart disease is high insulin levels, which are the result of eating too much sugar and carbohydrates. As well as causing weight gain insulin actually switches off ‘skinny’ and anti-aging genes, turning you into a fat storer.

By eating both low GL and less every other day you can switch on your ‘skinny’ genes and burn fat fast “.

And Patrick is quick to add that, ” The right kind of exercise – alternate day strength and cardiovascular exercise also switches on the skinny genes and lowers insulin levels which is so key to weight control. Kate’s exercises are so easy, powerful and effective and, together with my diet, it is a winning formula. We have many people losing a stone a month, inches off their waist, with no hunger or food cravings”.

Kate, who is remembered by millions as ‘Zodiac’ from TV’s Gladiators, established the very successful Adventure Training Camps with her friend and colleague, double Olympic champion Daley Thompson and has brought life changing results to thousands. Knowing exactly what works and how to get the best from a workout programme she has developed a weekly series of exercises designed for maximum convenience, minimum time input and optimum effect.


“It is based on short sharp interval training”, she explained. “Eight minute strength training workouts are punctuated by 30 mins of cardio every second day. The exercises are designed for total body toning and strengthening whilst being accessible for all. No equipment is required except for some small weights that can easily be food cans, bottles of water or bags of sugar. And the workouts can be performed by anybody from a novice to an athlete”.

Diets and exercise programmes often create the impression of joyless food deprivation and arduous hours of painful physical exertion. The beauty of the Burn Fat Fast programme is that it allows enjoyable nutritious food preparation and eating, whilst the accompanying exercise programme requires a time input that even the very busiest can build into their day.

For those who wish to shift fat, shed weight, tone up and gain energy then Patrick and Kate have come up with the recipe for just that.

“It’s a fact that most people fail to follow conventional diets for very long and give up on exercise programmes all too quickly. But results breed enthusiasm”, commented Kate. “When people can see that what they are doing is working they’re more likely to keep it up and derive genuine enjoyment and satisfaction. And Burn Fat Fast is all about results”.

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Words by Guy Holland