Early this month Peculiar Me put together a great fabulous launch event at the ultra-cool venue, Cargo. Showcasing her brand new collection we witnessed  models moving up and down the catwalk to a raw ryhthamtic drummer. The audience were amazed at her tribal collection of prints, furs and feathers and enjoyed watching Peculiar Me’s clothing rock on the runway. We caught up with the founder to learn more about herself and the brand, Peculiar Me.

What is your name and what do you do?

My name’s Alaina and  I am a 22yr old designer, artist and stylist with a mission.

Why did you choose to get involved with designing?

When I realised I had a talent for it at 16 years old after making my first dress. I went through a stage of trying everything out but God kept bringing me back to fashion. Then the sense of accomplishment and pride that came after was incredible. I would make mistakes and would  be happy because I was learning, even if I was tired I’d still find energy to sew.

What do you love about designing/fashion?

There are no limits, you can literally bring your imagination to the table. It gives such a rush of excited anxiety. You never know how it’ll turn out on the first try but the accomplishment is always worth the long nights. Fashion’s a silent art of ultimate expression from feminism to individualism it talks in every language and knowing you speak a tale in every stitch is amazing.

What is ‘Peculiar Me’ what does it stand for?

Peculiar Me is a design label from art to fashion but it also does seminars workshops and styling. My sole purpose is to bridge the gap between being Christian and being a fashionista. You can love fashion and live for God; be peculiar, be passionate and love your life!

What does your new collection consist of?

My collection is focused around the realistic shape of the modern woman it’s far from commercial. It uses cultural styles with a feminine feel which screams confidence whether its a size 6 or 16. As a Christian designer I surround my collections with a sense of pride where sexy is also classy, modest, daring and bold but not exposing.

Anyone wanting to be a designer what skills or vision do they need?

Believe in yourself, understand that God would not give you a talent unless he knew you were capable in seeing it through. Trust, faith, a dream and sturdy shoes go a long way.

What fashion trends are you loving at the moment?

I have a major crush on layering and geek chic with an edge. I love the ragged look, torn tights and bleached jackets bordering a vintage beauty. There’s nothing better then someone who knows what they like and knowing it likes them back.

What are your top three styling tips that you would advise?

1. You don’t need to expose yourself to be sexy, know your body.

2. Identify if the trend fits you.

3. Wear what you love with confidence if you don’t believe in it why should anyone else!

What are your top three high street designers?

Wow only three, well I’ll have to say at the moment

1. Topshop

2. Beyond Retro

3.  and anything in Jeffrey Campbell

What are your top three high fashion designers?

1. Whatever comes from Dior, I will never forget the geometrics of the S/S09 show.

2. Balenciaga

3.  McQueen to name a few on the spot.

Where can we buy your designs?

So far my online lookbook ‘alainathomas.wix.com/peculiarme‘ works as an online catalogue clients can email me their thoughts and tailoring but in mid February I will also be selling online at Anglonubia.com.

Do you have any fashion shows coming up?

Yes, the 3rd February with Moda Fashion Showcase and on the 21st April with BelEve. I love both companies and love what they stand for, fro inspiring g young women to encouraging new designers. Also there are plans for my separate show again hopefully later this year around October. Everyone can keep posted on Peculiar Me’s fashion and art designs.

Check out the…

Blog: Peculiarme129.wordpress.com.

Twitter: @lain_peculiarme

Website: alainathomas.wix.com