Musical Fidelity has built a strong reputation for designing and manufacturing Hi-Fi electronics since opening its doors in 1982. Audiophiles have lauded the company for their unique “state-of-the-art high-end” designs. The company have now unveiled The MF-100 on-ear and EB-33 in-ear headphones. Whether you’re breaking a sweat in the gym with your festive playlist, watching movies on a plane or just reflecting back on 2013’s hottest tunes while walking down the street, these are two must-haves. Even though we’re usually not head-over-heels with the on-ear approach, we found the MF-100 on-ear to be exceptionally comfy.

Believing value speaks for itself, the company has manufactured these excellent in-ear and on-ear headphones, which helps produce its signature sound. Most on-ear headphones are sometimes a little too oversized, but the MF-100’s seem to be a perfect fit. At first look, you’d assume they have non-removable ear pads. But they actually come with two selections that can easily be changed to suit your needs. They cover your inner ear cup with their combined precision built with studio-quality sound. Fit is the most important aspect of on-ear headphones. If you don’t get a good fit, they’ll either be uncomfortable, lack bass, or sometimes even both. The shape of the MF-100 on-ear is fantastic, resting perfectly over your head.

For on-ear headphones, they sure have a lot of features. They sport a look which cuts a fine line between casual and first-class. The lightness of the headphones is a plus. The comfort and sophistication of the sonic experience, all crammed into one package makes them portable headphone royalty. Beautifully-designed and providing a unique sound experience. They are a memorable range of studio-quality on-ear headphones. At £119, the MF-100 on-ear headphones are the perfect budget fit for this Christmas. Musical Fidelity also has less-expensive options, like the EB-33 in-ear headphones, for £79, which sounds just as good. For more information, click here.