With the summer behind us and the evenings getting darker, it is time to start thinking about the festive season.

Although there is still time before the Christmas rush hits us, remember what you promised yourself last year? ‘Next year I am definitely starting my Christmas shopping early!’

Follow our top tips below to get organised for Christmas now before the stress hits you later!


Happy Christmases are planned Christmases, so make sure you put some time aside to think about the festivities now.

For a stress-free holiday, you should make preparations way before the season hits you! Holiday events, office parties, banquets, travel, school functions… All of these can take far longer than expected to organise, leaving you with less time to do your shopping.

You can either make your own Christmas planner or download one with the help of a good-old Google search.


With less than a hundred days to Christmas, what better way to start getting ready for your celebrations than by preparing your stockings? Also, start with small purchases, which are not going too troublesome to preserve for a couple of months.

Start by taking your shopping online. Since it is still early in the year, you will find some great deals for Christmas. Dedicated Websites like Stocking Fillers offer a huge range of Christmas stocking fillers, so you will easily find something for the whole family.


When it comes to getting bigger gifts for your friends and family consider the budget first. The reason to have a Christmas planner, is not to avoid spontaneous purchases which are way over your budget.

Allocate separate shopping days for separate purchases. That way you allocate your purchases and with a shopping list, you will not waste money on unnecessary thing.

Making sure you have at least a couple of things sorted before the shopping season will ensure that you have more time to spend with your friends and family over the holidays!