Now that we’re all finally able to meet up again in some circumstances, life can resume with the celebration of good times, occasions and just getting together for the first time in a long while!

While continued lockdowns have seen our present-giving habits transform into more online shopping in the absence of brick-and-mortar stores, now there’s added pressure when gift-giving to really innovate and pull it out of the bag. Personalised gifts demonstrate real thoughtfulness, so whether you’re buying for a whole host of party guests or just one special someone, they make a real impact. But what do you go for in a crowded market of overly excited, long-isolated partygoers? Let us help! 

Personalised lighters

Lighters are a fantastic way to ensure your brand, name or logo is on display constantly, little and often as it’s fetched from a bag and pocket, passed on and shared around. Long considered only the domain of gifts for smokers, lighters actually make a fantastic gift for anyone – as who isn’t asked if they have a light? IGO Promo has a wide range of personalised lighters that can be customised in a whole manner of different ways and offer discounts for bulk buys. Why settle for gifting just one person when you can hand them out to everyone at the party and have your design featured far and wide?

Personalised party masks

A brilliant addition for when the party and celebrations are focused on one person is a personalised party mask! The card masks you’ve seen at kids’ birthday parties can now be printed to fit any photo of a face and are purchasable in bulk quantities so every guest can match. These are particularly popular with hen parties so everyone can look like the groom for the day, as the birthday celebrant for big age occasions and as celebrities for themed parties. Be careful when using at a surprise party though – they may give an extra shock to the unsuspecting person!

Personalised limericks

An easy – and best of all free! – party favour for guests is to give each a printed, personalised limerick. Simply spend some time on limerick, poetry and rhyming websites to find inspiration and write out a short ditty for each person. These can be typed up and handed over as individual gifts, included in a gift bag or placed on the person’s dinner plate as a placeholder. If you’re stuck on what to write, start by listing out three or four bullet-points of things you know about the person and simply work from there.

Personalised cards

What was once seen as a bit of an internet novelty is now firmly mainstream, and the likes of Moonpig and FunkyPigeon offer up a whole host of customisable cards for every occasion. These can be populated with your own text, photos and other imagery, as well as a personalised message on the inside and sometimes on the back. Personalised cards can be sent directly to the recipient or in bulk to you, so you can distribute them, however, suits you best.

Personalised crafts

There are lots of personalised gifts that can be handmade to really demonstrate the care behind each present, and many of these can be made cheaply and easily with no prior experience. Pinterest is a great place for crafty inspiration and you’ll find the likes of cake jars, tree baubles, prints and pictures, gift tags and coasters all with clear instructions and tutorials available. Tailor these to fit each guest – include their name, favourite colour or ingredient, and show them that you’re really thinking of them and are glad to have them there.

The greatest personalised gift: you!

It’s been a long time since we’ve all been able to see each other for occasions and get-togethers, and it’s been a tough year (and counting!). The best possible personalised gift you can give someone is yourself: authentically being there, ready to converse and, best of all, ready to listen. Some of us will be feeling more confident about socialising again than others, but everyone will need to take meeting up again at their own pace and do things in their own way.

No doubt we’ve all gotten a bit rusty on our social skills that don’t involve looking at our reflected self on a screen or documenting the process of making banana bread on social media, but together, we’ll pull through and get back to enjoying the good times together, in person, again.

By truly and genuinely interacting with your party guests, you’ll give them proper human connection. It’s been a long time coming, and it is so exciting that we can now, finally, get back to it!

Image via unsplash