Amazing truly is an understatement when describing the sentiment felt after interviewing Bristol’s hot topic, Phaeleh.

Gaining an insight into his musical life, i found out how he first got addicted to the art and everything in between. He is tipped to be the next artist to look out for reigning in a popping multicultural city, I was blessed with the opporunity to conduct this interview. We liased with one another and got down to business about where he sees himself in a few years and the release of his EP ‘The Cold In You’, which is coming out on Afterglo Records on August 1st. Read and be inspired.

What inspired you towards the electronic scene?
I think it was the freedom to write tunes on my own, without the need for other musicians. I think when I was about 16 my musical tastes started to expand and include a lot more electronic music. I found this a lot more inspiring than the bands I was listening to at the time, so this was also a definite factor.

What would you describe your sound as however as your album includes bits and pieces of dubstep, garage and so forth?
I normally just say I write electronic music with a strong emphasis on melody. I definitely try to convey a lot of emotion through my music too. Though in terms of genres I like to leave that upto the listener to decide as I’m so far removed from music which isn’t written by myself or friends.

As an artist why would you say your EP is different from others within your bracket?
That’s a tricky one, but I guess the diversity through the release is what makes it standout. There are minimal piano based tunes, 5 part guitar harmonies, mentasms, g-funk style synths, live and manipulated vocals and so on. I like to think there is a coherent sound running through the ep though, despite the varying moods between the tracks.

I bet you have heard this many times from snobish southerners *laughs*, but would you say it’s harder breaking into the industry being outside the captial?
I think in this day and age location doesn’t really matter as much as it used to. If you’re passionate about your art and prepared to work hard through a few years of constant rejection, you will get there. It took me a few years of people telling me no one would buy music like mine before labels started showing interest. I’m glad I did it how I did, as I feel I have a very loyal and solid following I’ve built up over years, rather than just relying on hype which will soon pass to the next big thing.

It is evidently hard to create buzz many try and fail but what do you think your formula had that they lack?
I guess perserverance is the key. In terms of a formula I don’t know what it is, I just try to be honest with the music I make, so it reflects my own moods and feelings, rather than just trying to emulate the music of wherever sound is ‘cool’ at a given moment.

Where did you get your name from?
I just liked the look of the word, and how the letters looked next to each other. It’s pretty random, but I got a few ideas from words I liked, and I’ve always been a sucker for the ‘ae’ combo in words.

What next after this EP and how you promoting it?
I’ve got a lot of travelling lined up for the rest of the year for DJ sets. I want to get to work on writing the next album soon, but will be a bit of a juggling act with the touring, so may have to wait till next year for that. In terms of promoting its definitely the strength of the guys at Afterglo rather than mine, so they’ll be mostly handling it.

How did you get into music?
I’d been exposed to lots of music when I was younger. Despite playing a few instruments at school, it was my mum buying me a classical guitar at a car boot sale for £3 which was when it really became my life. Since the age of 10, I’ve literally made music all the time and done very little else.

What are your goals for the second half of this year?
Musically, just to get the ball rolling for the next album. Other than that I wouldn’t mind a holiday at some point.

Interview by Yvonne Eba

The Cold In You (feat. Soundmouse) by Phaeleh

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