Phax Swimwear have a created a stunning collecting of Phax Bikini’s that gives you the buyer the choice to style your own bikini look with the colour match system.

Why are we so excited about this? Well if you love colour blocking and you’re on trend then this is the perfect opportunity to create your look rather than looking like everyone else who brought their swimwear from their favourite online store.

Here’s and example of 4 stylish colour match bikini’s we made earlier.

phax bikini colour match

Pretty cool right? We think its very cool. We had to grab this image below from their site, in order to give you a better look at what the finish versions actually look like.

phax bikini colour match - 1

Can you see why we are excited? Don’t we look good in colour match? We sure do. Phax Swimwear also do stylish bikini’s such as this one below, which is sure going to turn heads on the beach or the pool or the sauna or anywhere else you care to wear it.

phax bandeau top

And this multi coloured tie die bandeau bikini set is simply lush. No one has this, so you are bound to look original.

phax bikini multi colour bandeau

Phax Swimwear actually have so many options to choose from i.e. Bikini tops and bottoms, trikini’s, kaftans, dresses, pants, shorts, even leggings and jumpsuits.

Phax Swimwear also have an extensive lookbook which we simply couldn’t resist, so we posted it below and you can shop Phax Swimwear on John Lewis or visit the Phax Swimwear website.