Phoebe Day

Sultry emerging soul/jazz artist Phoebe Day has been giving us the Adele mixed with Amy Winehouse feels recently when she released ‘Place in time,’ a heart-felt track that got all of our emotions out with her smooth production and seductive vocals.

Now she’s blessed us with another single called ‘Fading.’ A smooth tune that gets you instantly enticed with her delicious vocals and lush beats. This time she gives us more of a Sade feel, with her voice yet again seducing us into her musical world. The tune was influenced by feelings of self-doubt and the overwhelming weight you carry and when you’re constantly questioning yourself.

You can definitely feel the contemporary R&B/neo-soul influence in this track, making it a hauntingly beautiful experience from the beginning of the track until the end. In the song Phoebe strips herself bare, let’s herself go, and you can see how vulnerable she is within this track. She’s literally ‘Fading.’

Phoebe’s music is at a crossroads of delivering traditional soulful music fused with a contemporary twist. A refreshing take on soul and jazz from such a young and talented musician. We’re excited to see what’s next for this musician.