Flavourmag was extremely excited to visit the launch of Phoenix Taylor‘s Beautiful Sins (The Kinky Showgirls) show and after party at Tramp.

The Beautiful Sins event took place on the 17th February 2016, a few days after Valentines days and to be fair, it was far more exciting than our actually Valentines day on the 14th.

Upon entry to Tramp we where offered a welcome glass of champagne which immediately set the tone for what was to be a great performance.

Phoenix Taylor X Beautiful Sins at Tramp
Phoenix Taylor – The Mistress

Host Phoenix Taylor looked like a true seductress wearing a stunning sheer almost floor length dress, similar to what you would seen on Agent Provocateur on their uber sexy ready to wear section featuring sexy cocktail dresses and evening gowns ready for you to revel in the moonlight.

Beautiful Sins at Tramp
The Beautiful Sins dancers at Tramp

As we sipped our champagne and mingled with what was one of the most beautiful crowds we have ever seen, on the table to our right was Bianca Gascoigne and her hot mates, to our left was a bunch of gorgeous men and women, directly in front was more beautiful women and we shared our table the lovely Bo Claridge one of the two piece duo from latex clothing brand Meat.

Beautiful Sins at Tramp

Then the lights dimmed, the music started and the you could feel the audience’s excitement as the show began.

Beautiful Sins at Tramp
Bambi Blue – ‘The Side Show Fatel’ performing her amazing fire show

We don’t want to tell you too much about the performances as you really need to go and see it for yourself, but here’s a teaser video from the show (we will update this with the longer video once it has been released).

The crowd roared with excitement from each performance. The wow factor was stupendous, the thrills where awesome and the Beautiful Sins showgirls put on a show that left us gagging for more.

Beautiful Sins at Tramp
Ayesha – ‘The Circus Show Vixen’ with her albino snake and whip performance

Here’s a gallery of images from the night.

If you want to attend the next Beautiful Sins event, simply go to their website and also follow @beautiful_sins_uk on instagram for all the latest updates and performances.

Want to see more? Watch the full length Beautiful Sins promo video below and then ask yourself “Are you not entertained?”.

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Phoenix taylor sexy photo from beautiful sins

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