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Talented is an understatement when it comes to photographer Daniel Thomas. The 27-year-old from East London has had no formal training and has only been working as a professional photographer for the last few years, but his work speaks as if he is a veteran in the business. With his exceptional retouching skills and eye for detail, Daniel is a man that definitely lets his work speak for him.

Before you became a photographer, what were you doing?
I was working doing photographic retouching at Condé Nast.

Did you go to college?
Yes, I did five long and painful years studying for a BA in Graphic Fine Art and an MA in Digital Arts.

When did you decide to become a photographer?
When I was 21 messing around with a camera. But I didn’t take it seriously until I was 24.

What is your favourite part of the photography process and why?
The whole process from planning down to retouching the image. Because at the end of it, you’ve created something from your imagination that’s special.

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Do you have a signature style?
No I don’t believe in having a style. I believe creativity is free and so is my style.

Have there ever been any obstacles in the way of your success?
I think for all artists that money is the biggest obstacle.

Do you like to talk about yourself or your pictures? If yes, about what aspects of photography? If no, why?
No, because the pictures talk for themselves so I don’t need to.

What does photography mean to you?
Photography to me does more to evoke an emotion and freeze a moment in time more than any other medium. Photography is a creative process – it’s my life. It is how I express myself.

Who are your influences?
David LaChapelle for bold colours and surreal images, Nick Knight for his creative vision, Jim Fiscus for his illustrative and post production style and Erwin Olaf and Dave Hill.

Describe a day in your life.
I get up. Get ready. Start by editing or doing a shoot.

What are the biggest personal or professional challenges you face on a daily basis?
Getting my name and my images out there…

What are your favourite subjects to photograph?
People. I love people all different in age, race and styles.


Have you ever thought about or actually stopped doing photography?
Never. It’s like the air that I breathe.

Is there someone you would love to photograph that you haven’t already?
Someone like Busta Rhymes. My top pick would have been Missy Elliott.

What advice can you give to other photographers?
Keep doing what you love to do no matter what!

What are your thoughts on the paparazzi?
I think it is a shame how they act – it’s like an animal preying upon its kill and it’s revolting. It gives us a bad name and makes us professional photographers look bad to the general public.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I loved looking at Daniel Thomas’s work. He is outrageously talented and yes his name is my surname in reverse and I’m proud of him as he’s my favourite nephew.

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