Piff gang have been around for a hot minute. The collective from North West London consists of members Phaze One, Super Dertie, Skout, Don Silk, J Rellz, Skits, Prince, DJ Motive and producers Budgie and Crankz. Phew (and breathe).

They are supported by Semtex and SB.TV and have featured in The Source. The super group recently supported Mac Miller in his UK tour whilst performing here there and everywhere – their latest gig is in Rotterdam. To say that they are making movements is a bit of an understatement.

Bringing a breath of fresh air to the UK rap scene, Piff Gang are ones to watch out for with their hyped vibes.

For more on Piff Gang, holla at them on twitter. You can also download their mixtape, Piff Breaks and 808’s, here.