pioneer subaru brz

There’s something so special about having a powerful sound system in car. As Bob Marley says, ‘One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain’.

I could say something similar about Pioneer’s in car entertainment system, however, when it hits, you can really feel the vibrations of the bass.

Having had the absolute pleasure of driving the Pioneer car for a week and testing out the sublime in-car entertainment system, I now long for a similar system in my car.

Pioneer Subaru BRZ car with in car entertainment

The Pioneer car is a fully loaded Subaru BRZ, and its a thrill to drive. But I’m not here to talk about the car, I’m here to talk about the Pioneer in-car entertainment system.

The Specs:

  • 2 x TS-W3003D4 SPL Champion series subwoofers (2000w max power each)
  • 2 x GM-D8601 Class D Amplifier (1 per Sub 1600w max power each)
  • 1x GM-D8604 Class D Amplifier (bridged to run 2 front components – 1200w max)
  • TS-A172Ci Components in the front (350w max)
  • AVIC-F77DAB headunit

Looks impressive right? And it sounds as good as the tech specs looks. If you love playing your music very LOUD, and you love a thundering bass-line, then look no further than Pioneer Audio.

TS-A172Ci Components in the front (350w max)
Pioneer, TS-A172Ci Components in the front (350w max)

The Sound

Once connected via the Android Auto system, I decided to test the bass-line with a couple of tracks, Jay Z & Kanye West’s ‘Ni**as in Paris‘ delivered a gut wrenching, heart pulsating bass-line that felt like I was in a rave standing next to the bass speakers. Up next came the Bob Marley ft. Lauren Hill ‘Turn Your Lights Down‘ and again the speakers delivered a warm and fluid, defibrillator style bass-line that would make please the like of even the biggest reggae sound system owner.

Pioneer, GM-D8604 Class D Amplifier (bridged to run 2 front components - 1200w max)
Pioneer, GM-D8604 Class D Amplifier (bridged to run 2 front components – 1200w max)

I played lots and lots of music, bass-line after bass-line to test the speakers and it always delivered, but what was it like with something more acoustic, like The Hooziers ‘Take Me To Church‘ or Ed Sheeran’s ‘Sing‘? Well, again, the sound was clean and warm and almost crystal clear, you can hear the mid range and the tweeters doing its just with no pressure whats so ever.

The EQ

It’s very easy to get a pair of big subwoofers, connect to an amplifier and play loud music, however for me the real test of any speaker is how low you can play the music while delivering a quality sound with a quality bass-line. This is where the EQ comes in effort. The AVIC-F77DAB head-unit has a bunch of pre-installed presets on hand at a click of the screen and 2 custom preset modes too.

AVIC-F77DAB headunit
Pioneer, AVIC-F77DAB headunit

I set one custom preset mode for very loud music and one for very low music with a very heavy bass-line. Sometimes you simply want a warm and vibrant bass-line without the racket of a system turned up to its highest volume. This is where you get the cleanest bass from your tunes and you will not be disappointed.

Your Music

An in car sound system like this will push your music to the limits. The biggest challenge I found while using the system, was locating quality music. All those songs you think sound great on your tiny headphones, will sound a bit, errrr shit, on these speakers. The sound system will really showcase the integrity of your music or at least the integrity of the production of the music you listen too.

TS-W3003D4 SPL Champion series subwoofers (2000w max power each)
Pioneer, TS-W3003D4 SPL Champion series subwoofers (2000w max power each)

You may even start switching to different music genres that you don’t normally play, just to hear what this sound system can do. Exploration is great and when you play a tune that has been produced properly you will immediately feel the difference. Note I said feel and not hear, anyone can listen to music, but how many of us can feel the music while listening eh?

The Head Unit

If you love gadgets in your car, then you will love the AVIC-F77DAB head-unit. The full colour touch screen is a treat to use. Admittedly it took me a while to work it all out and in the beginning, some of the features seems a bit annoying (some things are simply annoying when you don’t know how to use them), but after a couple of days, it was a walk in the park. All the features you need, music, sat nav, google cards the works. It’s all there for your perusal.

Pioneer, AVIC-F77DAB headunit in SatNav mode
Pioneer, AVIC-F77DAB headunit in SatNav mode

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