To celebrate Defected’s 15th students from Kids Company’s DJ Academy for an exclusive masterclass at the Defected pop-up store in Shoreditch.

The students were treated to a 1-2-1 masterclass with Pioneer DJ expert Rik Parkinson, and a surprise appearance from DJ Locksmith from Rudimental, otherwise known as Leon Rolle, who showed them the ropes on Pioneer’s top of the range CDJ decks. They had the chance to listen to their tracks through Pioneer’s new Pro Audio speakers, currently supplying the sound in legendary Ibiza club, Boooom!. Pioneer also donated some DJ equipment to Kids Company to practice their skills back at the centre.


Leon from Rudimental commented, “The Kids Company project is invaluable and a cause close to my own heart. I grew up in a similar area and understand what many of these kids have been through. I am so honored to be involved in this project with Pioneer and Defected who are giving these kids the chance they deserve and fuelling their interest in something that stimulates them.”

Demonstrating how he mixed between two very different tracks Leon told the students, “That’s what I love about Pioneer equipment. It opens up your eyes to how much you can achieve when mixing music. I can mix between songs which are so different on paper, and yet they can work perfectly together.”