So your good friend is getting married and you could not be happier for her so you want to book the very best hen party that all of the girls will never forget. But how do go about doing so, especially if you have never planned a hen party on your own before? Rest assured that the tips below will help you sort through the details and book a party that everyone will enjoy.

Focus on What the Bride Wants
When planning a hen party, it can be very easy to begin thinking about what you would want to do, but you need to remember that this event is completely for the bride. Ask her what she would like to do so that she can give you a few options or ideas that will inspire you to plan the perfect party. For example, if she is not the type to go out drinking and dancing, you may be better off planning a relaxing spa day instead of a crazy night out. The key is to think about what she would prefer and, when in doubt, simply ask questions for clues.

Keep Your Options Open for the Best Venue
Once you know what direction you should go in for the hen party, you can begin searching for the ideal location for it. Remember that, rather than simply settling for the first place you find, you should check out multiple locations so that you can ask for pricing and find the best deal. Use services like to quickly and easily find multiple places that can host your friend’s hen party within your budget. Then read reviews, visit these spots, and choose the best one.

Plan Multiple Activities
Your hen party guests will include people that the bride knows from school, work, family, and from her fiancĂ©’s side of the family. It’s up to you to make everyone feel comfortable and get to know one another. In order to get all of the guests to bond, even if they’ve never met before, plan several different activities that will break the ice. Just be sure that these are activities that will encourage conversations in a relaxed and fun environment.

Ask for Help
Planning a hen party can be a long and tedious process, and it can be very difficult to juggle it along with everything else that you’re dealing with in your personal life. Therefore, never hesitate to ask the other members of the bridal party for assistance. They’ll help you come up with ideas for activities and venues, and you’ll be able to delegate tasks so that the responsibility of planning the hen party is divided equally among the most important women in the bride’s life.

To plan an unforgettable hen party, you need to really get to know the bride, book the appropriate venue and activities, and be willing to ask for help. Once you see the fruits of your efforts on the hen party weekend, you’ll be rewarded with a fun time that everyone will be talking about for years to come.