Sick of the painfully boring clothes that always seem to greet you every time you open your wardrobe? Plastic Guns can definitely help you there! The t-shirt brand that started off by embracing skate and surf culture incorporates bold prints and funny illustrations onto its designs to really make an impact. Sticking its middle finger up to mainstream clothing brands definitely worked, as they now have stockists in the UK and Europe and will no doubt conquer the world one day.

Plastic Guns

Plastic Guns’ quirky tees are designed to put a grin on your face and they definitely will. The fast growing street wear brand has broken apart the humdrum t-shirt market and literally stamped it into tiny pieces. These t-shirts allow people to make a statement from their pop art inspired designs to their basic Plastic Gun motifs so, it’s easy to see why they have become synonymous with all the good things about youth culture.

Plastic Guns 4

And, as if you didn’t need even more of an incentive to buy one, a percentage from each sale will go towards improving life for urban youth’s in depraved areas. So, spending your money won’t only go towards buying an awesome t-shirt you’re also giving to  charities that need your help. Rappers Dizzee Rascal and Rizzle Kicks are already huge fans so what are you waiting for? Check them out now.

Plastic Guns 2