Curvy women around the world might be struggling with what to wear during days. It might seem that fashion is only for skinny women. And many designers tend to forget that the bigger part of women around the globe is actually curvy.

I can only say that no matter what size you are, it is much important to unconditionally love yourself. With that come fashion sense and all benefits of it. Still don’t know how to embrace your curves? Today I am going to share my tops tips for all plus size beauties. That will definitely let you fall in love with your body, embrace it and show the world that you are a gorgeous and confident woman. Enjoy and make a new better you!

Get a Tailor

It might look that there are no rightly fitted clothing for you. Sometimes, it can actually be true. But you don’t have to look messy just because clothing doesn’t fit you well. It is clothing’s fault, not your body’s! So to make apparel look good and you and fit you well, you need to find a good tailor in your town. It will magically make any item look specifically made for your body and fitted you amazingly well. Definitely tailor your jackets, blazers, pants and other clothing that you love in a store, but don’t fit you very well. And soon you will look stylish and confident!

Don’t Be Afraid To Shop at Non-Plus Size Stores

You can actually find some great outfits at not specialized plus size stores. You would be surprised at how many stores that don’t carry plus sizes actually have styles that will work for a plus size body. One of these stores is Bloomingdale’s. Also, it not only has such clothing, but they have a special plus size line too. So you don’t have to scarify fashion for a right fit. And you can even get some special discounts to shop there too. Look for online Bloomingdale’s coupons from and shop much cheaper for designer made apparel. With that, you will look fashion-forward and beautiful for sure.

Find a Plus Size Fashion Icon

One of the easiest ways how to find your own style and get to know how plus sized ladies should dress is to look for some celebrity fashion icons. One of these is Rebel Wilson, who is curvy and is often called to be a true fashion icon. Follow her style, get inspired and be sure that you look as good as she on a red carpet.

Know Your Right Size

If you want to look good in your clothing, no matter if you bought it from some designers, you need to purchase right size items. In order to achieve that, you should measure yourself and learn what size is your real one. Only with that you will be able to look your very best without any struggle. And avoid unnecessary tailoring too. So just be sure that numbers define you the best and start shopping.

Get Right Lingerie

Finally, if you want to feel amazing and look like that too, you need to invest in some properly and correctly fitted lingerie. It is actually very important that your bra and panties are not too small for your body. Otherwise, you will look messy and uncomfortable. Then you shop, asks a consultant to help you out. She will be happy to help you find cute, stylish and your size lingerie that will embrace your curves and make you look perfect. After all, nice and sexy lingerie underneath clothing will make you fell feminine and more confident as well.