angelo v

Drawing on the influences of John Mayer and famous wordsmith Bob Marley, Angelo V, with a trio of talented musicians behind him delivers a smooth syncopated reggae/pop infused track titled Medusa.

Born and raised in London amongst the eventful bustle of everyday life Angelo V has emerged as a songwriter and capable guitarist. The music he writes is an eclectic mix of reggae rhythms and soulful melodies, inspired by his love for different cultures around the world Angelo V strives to inject his music with a sense of diversity. Angelo’s previous electronic dance tracks are proof of his versatility and ability to work with a wide range of stylistic approaches.

The inspiration for the songwriting aspect of Medusa heralds from Angelo’s contact with an electric and charismatic personality when attending a party. Struggling back and forth with the idea of talking to her he finally approaches her, only to not be able to express his true thoughts. Whilst Angelo muses over this personal struggle, he easily conveys himself in depth on this track.

Filled with catchy reggae rhythms, rich acoustic guitar riffs and a pulsating bass this song instantly sticks in your head. Angelo’s multi-instrumental upbringing is apparent in the composition of Medusa, with a strategic and well-executed arrangement supported by his band. Angelo V’s bluesy vocal tone incites a feeling of passion and soul that matches well with the written narrative of this song.

Recorded at the award-winning Crown Lane studios in London, Angelo was careful to make sure that the track wasn’t overproduced, evident through the breathing space felt throughout the track. With a growing online presence, a song professionally recorded and released on Spotify and massive ambition, it’s clear that Angelo V is on the right path.