A suitcase and travel items being packed

A lot of things can go wrong during travel, but taking care of the little things will make your trip less stressful and easier.

As you decide where to stay, visit, and how much to spend, consider other trivial matters like how to get to the sites, what to pack, and whether you need that extra bag. Follow these practical tips to help you travel in style.

  1. Airport hotel transfers

If you are a first-time traveller or visiting a foreign country, airport transfers will come in handy when you arrive. Being in a foreign country, jet-lagged, and with no idea how taxis work can disorient you, and you end up starting your visit on the wrong foot. You’ll have drivers hassling you, you probably won’t have any local currency, and if you have kids, they will be all grumpy tagging behind you as they wait for you to save the day. Airport transfers might cost a little extra, but the convenience it offers in a foreign land far outweighs the money you spend. Whether you have kids or not, a smooth transition to your hotel makes sure your trip does not start with glitches.

  1. Figure out luggage storage

Hotels usually check you out early in the morning, and if your flight home is later in the day, you want a safe place to store your luggage as you do last minute explorations. When visiting a big city like London, for instance, consider luggage storage in London services so you don’t have to leave your valuables unchecked with the concierge, or lose them as you make your way through busy streets. You don’t require a deposit to book a locker, and you can make your reservation online at the comfort of your hotel or home. This leaves you with the flexibility to roam around the city and sites without worrying about losing your items or being too tired as you drag them around. Also, you will find self-storage facilities near major airports, which makes it easy for you to pick your stuff on your way to board your flight home.

  1. Mark your bags with easily recognizable items

Travelling comes with a lot of challenges, but the one thing that can set you back financially and emotionally is losing your bag. Today, all bags are made from the same manufacturer with the same flower pattern, so you can’t rely on that to identify your bag. Instead, tie a bright-coloured ribbon, put a large sticker on one side, or stitch a patch on it. You won’t see anyone pulling your bags to check the tiny name tags, and you’ll identify your bag from miles away. Leaving the airport will be an easy pick and go affair.

Planning a trip involves more than figuring out where to stay and paying your airfare. Research the best places to stay, what to see, hidden gems, and even the best local food to eat.