Sydney Acoustic pop singer/songwriter Lucy B has released captivating visuals for her video ‘Walking without shoes.’

‘Walking without shoes’ is a heartfelt track about a toxic relationship and not knowing where you stand in it, keeping you feeling in limbo.

“This song expresses the frustration I felt being in a toxic relationship and never knowing where I stood. I felt trapped and unsure of how to react and was continually walking on egg-shells,” Lucy B.

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Lucy B has been on the music scene since 2010, having been triple short-listed on an Aria nominated debut album dubbed ‘Botany Street’ in 2010.

Since then she has explored her more eclectic musical style of Pop Fusion with her EP ‘Behaviour’ which dropped in 2012.

Her latest album Chasing Sparks (2014) was produced by industry regarded and former guitarist of Thirsty Merc, Sean Carey at Crackdown Studios, Sydney.

The first single ‘I Still’ from Chasing Sparks was ranked in the top ten AMPRAP Charts for three consecutive weeks.

Lucy B is no stranger to Sydney local music venues, having performed at The Basement, The Vanguard and even the Sydney Football Stadium. Lucy B has also ventured in the artistic hub of Melbourne, and won hearts in regional areas such as Bathurst.