Australian newcomers Alt-Soul Oufit MMG has bursted into 2017 with their latest Bruno Mars-esque single ‘Fiya.’ 

The surreal, modern soulful track about following your passion. It started from a little 10 second voice recording that the oufit then revisited.

They then went on to incorporate synths, pads and extra little bits and pieces to have a bigger, more modern sound.

They digged Bruno’s 24K Magic album so much that in this track they were really trying to channel their inner Bruno.

“Lyrically this tune is about the struggles of being a creative. Being torn between the ‘normal’ expectations of how to live, and following your passion,” said Mitch Gordon.

“It can be hard to juggle time, money and mental energy between your creative endeavours and relationships so this tune is a little personal reminder to live presently, take things one step at a time, and everything will be cool,” he said.

‘Fiya’ is influenced by Bruno Mars, Gallant, John Mayer, Michael Jackson  and Mateus Asato.

MMG is fronted by twins Mitch & Mike Gordon. Originally an acoustic duo, the brothers added a superstar rhythm section to their line-up, paving the way to explore new soundscapes.