Antix returns with a fresh new single “When It Falls,” and we’re excited to be premiering the single here first at Flavour Mag.

Antix has just relocated to the US and it’s evident in this single with his shift in tone. The single swifts between the quiet, resolute core of Antix’s verses and the emotional gusts of Greg Delson’s choruses. This is a mission statement on determination in the face of adversity, a significant subject for Antix.

“I was always trying to be ‘accepted’ by some scene until I realised that the fans are all that matter. People message me now and tell me my music saved their life, helped them with depression, things like that. When you realise how important that is, the “scene” can go fuck itself.” said Antix.

Antix is an unconventional rapper, part of a generation of more conscious hip-hop artists alá Logic or Khalid. His music has always proudly stood outside the norms of his genre, and shuns the bravado and materialism of many of his contemporaries.

He has delivered his signature flow on topics ranging from mental illness (“Come Home”) to religious oppression (“Afshin’s Song”). His work is heavily informed by his own experiences and aims to help end stigmas around certain topics.


Twitter: @AntixOfficial