The official release for the highly anticipated new video for ‘Cadillac’ from indie rock artist Kim Logan has been announced today.

‘Cadillac’ is the first single from Logan’s upcoming release ‘Pseudoscience: Chapter 1’ which will be out on September 9th.

giffgaff-free-simKim’s unconventional sound has earned her a place beside some of the industries biggest names. ‘Cadillac’ was produced by the four time Grammy Award winning producer Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, Arctic Monkeys).

The Nashville transplant began her career at the age of 9 as a professional opera singer. After a decade in the opera industry Logan decided to pursue a career writing music and making records and attended the Berklee College of Music. Drawing inspiration from artists like the Velvet Underground and Lana Del Rey to Marilyn Monroe and Baudelaire Kim has created her own unique image and sound.

Speaking to Kim, we asked…

How would you describe your music style?

I’ve begun to think of my music as psychedelic blues pop.  It’s also rock and roll, but with experiments and explorations.

What makes you unique from other artists of the same genre?

My goal is to not really have a genre and to make music that doesn’t sound like anything else.  Blending and blurring everything I like together is the most important action in creating my sound… I don’t want to make the same kind of records that have already been made.

What influenced you into creating a concept of ‘chapters’ within your work?

I realised after writing a huge collection of new material that the songs were so different from each other that an album didn’t really make sense.  They did, however, fit well together in pairs, so that led me to the idea of making a series of 45’s, each with a different visual/lyrical theme and producer.

‘Cadillac’ is the debut single from your upcoming album – How does this song represent the album?

‘Cadillac’ represents the beginning of the “Pseudoscience” singles series… the song is about finding personal freedom and the power to create your own reality and find artistic honesty.  That’s a theme that will reoccur throughout the series, expressed in various ways.

What does the album ‘Pseudoscience: Chapter 1’ tell us about yourself?

“Pseudoscience” and its chapter format is definitely reflective of my personality and creative method.  It allows for diversity and the expression of a bunch of different styles and ideas, never getting stuck too long on one thing.  I’m a Gemini, so I can never make up my mind and I’m always hopping from thing to thing.

What would you like people to take from your music?

I hope that people can take from my music a sense of possibility… I want to inspire people to realise that you can be totally free if you choose to, that society is a construct and you can change your life at anytime if you want.  You don’t have to submit to anything.  So many of us have sort of just succumbed to the video game at this point, but if you take the time to get in touch with yourself, with nature, with art, you can pull yourself out of it.  You can live by your own code, and I hope to wake people up to that truth.

Kim Logan continues to redefine the rock genre with her gritty new video ‘Cadillac’. Taken from the upcoming release ‘Pseudoscience: Chapter 1’.

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