Yemisi May Odegbami better known by her moniker May7ven is the UK born (but of Nigerian heritage) singer song writer who has positively made her stake as the queen of afro-beats here in the UK.

Indeed she along with a few other choice names from the UK have been instrumental in making the afro-beat scene a commercially viable product. An astute business woman, along-side her music ambitions, May7ven has certified her name as a name destined for huge things.

may7ven better dayz

With her success in afro-beat May7ven’s latest release sees the beauty call upon her long-time collaborator Antoine Stone. He in turn has created a track that still takes inspiration from afro-beat but also seems to have tinges of the rnb about it.

may7ven better dayz

Premiered today on Flavourmag, it’s an addictive track delving into the rather heavy subject matter of; mental health and stress while a unique animated video (May7ven’s first I am sure) adds further dimension to this current project. Ultimately this is a track of inspiration that states clearly there will be Better Days whatever you go through in your life with proof that they will get better staring the viewer in the face as May7ven warbles and belts out some on point vocals.

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