First Look: Princess Nyah Champion video. The independent R&B and soul artist is a champion in her own right; she vigorously supports the mass crowd just by being an independent artist. Her outlook on life and her music transcends and takes you on a journey, especially with her latest track Champion written by Grammy winning Angela Hunte. The track makes you forget what could have been and allows you to celebrate what is yet to come.

We sit down Princess Nyah about what is was like working with Angela Hunte, the importance of being an independent artist and what fashion statement has got her looking back and cringing, Margaret Tra writes.

Tell us about your latest track Champion
Champion is a song about overcoming all your fears and worries and believing in yourself. In life I notice people talk about regret’s and the “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s” of life, but this song celebrates the choices we make and successes that are to come.

Princess Nyah Champion video behind the scenes

Is it important to you to be an independent artist?
Being independent was not a choice of mine it was all that was available, I’ve never had a deal, been offered a deal so it was either wait around for someone to show some interest or just get up and do it myself. So that’s what I did. Some people pray for a record deal, management etc and it still gets them no further along in their career so why wait! I may as well embrace being an independent artist!

Is being an inspiration to females something you believe every female artist should be?
I think that I pride myself in trying to use my story to help others in their journey. Be it a girl or boy, I have and get many emails and messages from girls and guys saying that they find my fight inspiring. I do have a soft spot for the girls though I can’t lie, I am just a little girl from north west London, so if I can inspire the next generation to rise to the occasion and be everything they dream to be then it makes me feel that much better.

princess nyah champion

Grammy winner Angela Hunte works with you on Champion, what was that like?
This trip to New York was one of the most terrifying trips in my entire life! It’s only when I was in the taxi from JFK to her house that it hit me. I’m going to be working with one of the most prolific song writers in the world and on top of that I am staying at her house. Soon as I got there every fear left my body as she is the most lovely, thoughtful person you could every meet. I stayed with her just over a week and I slept in the studio, which doubled up as spare room. I ate, slept and breathed in her every move as I was there to learn. Her style of writing I can only describe as beast mode. She sucked up my story like a sponge and this translated in the song Champion.

Tell us about your brand Binghi’s Boutique
Binghi’s is a brand dedicated to making people feel good and positive about their life. We do empowering slogans for men, women and children and are just about to launch a brand new baseball jersey which I’m dead excited about. I have a great business partner who puts up with my unorthodox style of working. The other day it was 11.30pm Saturday night and I filled her mailbox with new mailer ideas. (Laughs) I love the brand, it is still a work in progress and I am learning so much about how to satisfy my dreams for the brand and still include our core consumer. You can check out some of our stuff.

Who are you inspirations?
My biggest inspiration is my mum and grandparents. They all have taught me to work hard, focus and never give up. My grandparents are actually going to be the face of a new line of clothes I’m designing for Binghi’s called ‘Love Hard.’

Do you ever look at old photos of the past and think why was I wearing that? If so do you remember what you were wearing?
All the time (laughs), I have crazy outfit choices. There was this one time I was hooked on pearls. I wore them with everything I have this brown vest on with these pearls I looked cringe.