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For years, flying business class has been the preferred method of executive travel, but that could soon change. In recent years, an increase in competition in the private jet sector has lead to a reduction in prices, making private jet chartering more affordable.

In addition to price, flying via private jet also offers a range of perks that business class simply cannot match. Here are the main reasons why private jet chartering could overtake business class.

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Larger Choice of Airports

Unless you plan on chartering a large plane, when you fly on a private jet, you can choose from a bigger number of departure and arrival points. This is because private jets can use smaller airports where large airliners are unable to land. This means you can take off and land at more convenient locations, reducing travel time on the ground, saving time compared to business class.

Less Time Travelling

The time you spend travelling is so much more than the hours spent in the air. It also includes the journey to the airport, the time it takes to go through check-in and security, and the stretch while you wait to board, as well as baggage claim and the journey from the airport after landing. This adds up to a lot of valuable time lost. Flying on a private jet can give you these precious hours back, as there is no long process before boarding (simply arrive 15 minutes before departure), and no waiting for your bags.

Making the Right Impression

Whether you’re looking to attract the best talent or impress clients, a private jet can boost business image. While business class is a great option, a private jet promotes a business as a successful, provides an image of style and luxury, and can help a company to stand out from industry competitors.

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Privacy and Productivity

Chartering a private jet offers privacy perks that business class cannot equal, from more leg room and comfier seats to a more luxurious setting and fewer travellers. A private jet is also more conducive to work, providing privacy for in-air business discussions, or peace and quiet for business meeting preparation.

Chartering a private jet is becoming a more popular option for business travel. With companies like Vistajet offering competitive pricing on empty leg flights, flying private is becoming increasingly affordable. Compared to business class, private jet travel can save passengers a lot of time and provide a more comfortable and luxurious setting.